How to Increase Website Traffic

30+ Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Free

How to Increase Website Traffic

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How to Enhance Website’s Organic Traffic for Free in 2023

How to increase website traffic? This is the second most asked question which isn’t as really as easy to elaborate.

I have narrated below many of those ways you can go about it!

So, before you start, it’s helpful to have an idea of how you want to get start for enhancing website traffic and where you want to end up.

Explore these top 10 proven ways that helped me go from 0 to 30,000+ monthly organic visitors to my SEO blog and growing continually.

And, it happened in just about one & half year while I had my expertise on SEO onpage only.

So, here are the top ten ways and my suggested strategies as well to start with;

1. Research & Prepare a Set of Demanding Keywords

2. Prioritize All The Keywords for Better Results.

3. Hire Experienced Content Writers to Get The Content Ready.

4. Turn All The Content Into SEO Optimized & Upto-to-Date Ones.

5. Interlink All The Relevant Posts to Each Other.

6. Shift Website Server to An Affordable VPS Hosting Along With CDN.

7. Remove All The Toxic Backlinks and Disavow via GSC.

8. Outreach to Bloggers Regarding Guest Post in Similar Niche.

9. Use HARO Link Building Techniques.

10. Export All The GSC Data to Increase Website Traffic.

How I Enhanced My SEO Blog Organic Traffic

30+ Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic & Grow Organically

Every online business website requires traffic to be successful and it’s the foremost bloodstream of every website to increase the website traffic for free.

If any website doesn’t get the flow of traffic, that website will surely fail to make sales; moreover, that online business will fail.

Therefore, it is vital to take some steps to drive adequate traffic to any online business website.

Driving organic traffic on an online business website is one of the top goals of almost every business owner & digital marketer out there.

Because a consistent increase in website traffic signifies a sign that all the strategies are driving in the right way.

In this article, I will discuss all the essential techniques to get organic traffic, referral traffic and direct traffic for long term.

So that you can quickly drive more robust & targeted traffic to your online business website.

Here is a list of the best free traffic sources to drive consistent traffic on a website.

Free Traffic Source from Search Engines

Increase Website Traffic from Search EnginesSearch engine traffic is possibly the best as it’s the largest source of free website traffic.

Being ranked for an inclusive & competitive keyword will have a completely significant impact on the website.

Getting top ranking position in search results by search engines indicates that the website will get more traffic, and it is a positive sign for any business.

Though, you need to work very carefully to keep your website top-ranked.

Just be assured that you complete all the specifications of the search engines method and authentic ways for website optimization.

Always the content on the website requires to be of high quality & unique for ranking higher on the different search engines.

One benefit of using the search engine as a source of free traffic signifies that the visitants are extremely targeted, unlike those visitants from ads.

Use The Right SEO Strategy to Get Traffic from Organic Listing

Get SEO Traffic from SERPs Organic Listing

Organic listing, also known as the organic SEO (search engine optimization).

It remains a term used to define when any website ranks on the Google or any other search engines organically.

This means there were no paid advertisements done to achieve this rank; also, it is one of the best techniques to get free website traffic.

Some examples of the techniques utilized to get free website traffic organically signify;

The usage of keyword research, technical SEO, writing a lot of exceptionally relevant content and creating some high quality backlinks.

Get Your Website Added to Google News

Google News is also one of the best Free Traffic Sources from Search Engines as;

It can acquire thousands of visitants for each newsworthy post that is submitted to a specific website or blog.

What’s more, with some extra effort in establishing your authority;

You can start to raise the specific story cluster rankings, indicating that you get higher traffic each time you publish a post.

It takes effort; moreover, it will also take time.

However, the venture could prove more than helpful if the website & industry provides for the formation of regular, topical news stories publication.

All you need to do is, just sign up for Google news publisher.

Who knows, if your website gets a chance to be added in Google News and get inclusion of regular, topical news stories posted on your website.

I personally practiced Google News SEO for my own website and got approved publication to be found in Google News.

Logon to and find my publication by typing “The Web Hospitality” in search box!

Optimize Your Website for Featured Snippets

This way is not for increasing your website traffic, but implementing schema markup format will add these below extra advantages to your website.

  • Search engines get better idea about your website’s content.
  • Full knowledge graph presence for your brand.
  • Advantage of getting high CTR than other websites.
  • Improve your ranking in SERPs.

The core benefit of using schema microdata for SEO is that your website can achieve zeroth ranking known as featured snippets.

Free Traffic Source from Social Platforms

Increase Website Traffic from Social NetworksTraffic from social media sites remains one of the most powerful types of traffic that you can get for your website or blog right now.

Social media has grown more than as a social platform that connects people. Now for businesses, it has become a marketing platform.

Brands and services use social networking sites to communicate with the massive audiences available on social media platforms around the globe and tell them regarding products & services they are offering.

If a user clicks on your Facebook post or tweet and then comes on your brand’s website, counted as a free traffic source.

Similar to other free traffic sources, social media traffic is also the most valuable source for the website’s traffic.

By measuring goal conversion rates for all social networking sites, you can estimate how well your message signifies resonating with your targeted audience.

If the message remains to the point moreover relevant to the target audience, the goal conversion rates will be high.

And, if the goal conversion rates signify low, you must re-evaluate your social media marketing strategy to get higher quality leads from social networking sites.

Below I’ve mentioned some of the social networking sites which can be a great source of traffic for your website.

So, start and share your content right now!

Use Pinterest to Drive Quality Traffic to Website

Pinterest is a top-rated bookmarking as well as a sharing site for photos. Here you can get free traffic with the help of images you post on it.

You can additionally write the title & description with the image to describe the topic of your image better;

Today, as Pinterest has many million active users worldwide, you can have massive traffic from Pinterest, you just need to discover opportunities.

Explore why Pinterest is one of best platform to generate traffic to your website for free.

  • 95+ Million Active Audience from United States
  • 50+ Million Active Audience from Asia
  • 30+ Million Active Audience from Germany
  • 25+ Million Active Audience from United Kingdom
  • 20+ Million Active Audience from Canada

For sharing the image,

You will need to create a board to pin your pictures. Also, if you work on multiple categories, you can create a variety on the specific board.

Get Website Traffic by Using Facebook Platform

Facebook is a top leading social networking site that is prevailing worldwide that almost every person uses Facebook.

And if we talk about the Facebook users, there are nearly 2.6 million users worldwide, which means you can have massive traffic from Facebook to your website.

People at Facebook, connect, communicate, share ideas, and upload videos.

You can create your profile on Facebook to create a business page on it to interact with people as a Brand quickly.

Along with this, Facebook also provides the facility to create groups moreover join other groups.

So, you can create your group as per your product either join already available groups to drive traffic to your website for free.

Drive Essential Traffic to Your Website from Twitter

Twitter is one top-rated social networking site where users share the content with the text of 236 words called Tweet.

There are 13.15 Million Monthly Active Users in India, among which you can share your content and drive traffic to your site for free.

On Twitter, you need to increase your followers so that more extra people can connect by your account and reach your website.

The facility to share Images, Text, and Gif Images on Twitter is now available.

However, you should know that you need to pay a lot of concentration to the limit on Twitter.

For instance, if you need to share content in the Text Format, you need to create the content within the 236-word limit.

Build Professional Way to Get Traffic from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most desirable professional social networks.

You’re only exceptionally able to market products & services on LinkedIn moreover connect with the other marketing professionals.

It’s more regarding information and research than marketing products or services.

There are many other methods to use LinkedIn to drive massive traffic to your website for free. Few of them are as below;

  1. Start posting relevant content and do it on a regular basis.
  2. Keep responding on comments.
  3. Create your own group for business exploser.
  4. Join relevant groups.
  5. Keep connecting with LinkedIn users of similar profile.

However, LinkedIn is yet powerful. You can likewise post articles on LinkedIn to get high-quality traffic on your website for free.

Generate Massive Traffic to Your Website from Reddit

Reddit remains one social news & entertainment site, including several sub-communities devoted to specific interests.

Any registered user can submit content moreover comment on the threads to communicate with other users.

Reddit has accumulated 430 million monthly active users.

Reddit isn’t extremely popular among marketers. But, there exist tons of active, targeted communities, making it an engaging option for websites looking to relinquish a new audience.

There are additionally business-related subreddits for those who are interested in learning or networking.

Upload and Rank Your Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world.

And, if you are not using it, then you might be losing a healthy traffic to your website and more importantly it’s a free method to enhance views.

So, start your YouTube SEO now!

Increase Website Traffic from Discussion Sites

Increase Website Traffic from Question & Answering SitesAt one point or another, most utmost businesses have analyzed the advantages of adding a forum or Q&A site over their domain.

One of the most significant advantages that forums & question & answering sites offer is generating massive website traffic.

The more helpful your question-answer forums & discussion forums will be;

Undoubtedly, the more extra pages a user is expected to require to view across your website, which meets more time consumed on the website.

Get Website Traffic from Discussion Sites

When more extra users desire to browse your website & give more time to it, then you’re building an ecosystem that’s more inclined to drive traffic & sales.

Question answering sites are usually a point-of-entry into a website from the search engines.

Because, they create valuable answers to the query-driven searches regarding your services, product/brand, or industry.

When you bind this by the strength to drive sales by clever calls-to-action;

You possess one community forum that grows to be a conversion-driving machine; moreover, it drives massive traffic to the website.

Explore Community on The Google Product Forums

Google Product Forums is also an excellent source of traffic for the website.

It is a community of people like you who enjoy exploring making full use of Google Analytics features and enjoy sharing their knowledge within the community.

It’s a place where you can share expertise or seek out answers. It’s also a great way to escalate bugs and critical issues.

Increase Website Traffic by Digital Point Forums

It is one of the biggest forums sites on the list, with more than 800,000 members & 2 million discussions.

The registration remains free, but you can only signup by your Facebook account.

The Digital Point forum places the search engine threads upfront. You can quickly choose among subcategories like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Moreover, other search engines too.

Another exceptional thing is that it also possesses subcategories for Google, such as Analytics, Adsense, and Shopping.

With that method, you can quickly dive into specific topics necessary for your project and get massive traffic on your website.

Turn Your Opinions into Website Traffic via Quora

Quora is one of the best Q&A sites that helps to drive huge traffic and also helps others to solve their problems.

Unlike Yahoo Answers,

Quora remains a quality network moreover is utilized by a lot of influencers so it’s simply not easy to get a backlink as we get from Yahoo Answers.

Also, make sure to add a photo, bio, as well as a link to your website so that people can trust you.

Furthermore, always check unanswered questions so that if you’re the first one to answer a question then you get a better appearance.

Free Traffic Source from Influential & Niche Publications

Get Traffic from Influential & Niche PublicationsOne of the best ways to get free traffic remains from influencers & niche publications.

As, if you have something worthy to share with your audience (moreover most likely, you have – you understand a lot about the niche you’ve chosen, right?).

It might be a good idea to reach an even broader audience through influencers and niche publications.

This would compel you to have exceptional writing skills, although the result would be completely worth it.

You will authenticate yourself as a specialist in the field.

Moreover, your business will gain vital exposure.

If you want to enhance your brand image and boost your website traffic at the same time, this is one of the best sources of free traffic that you should try.

Pitch The Right People With The Right Way

To drive more extra traffic to your website you must grasp its target audience.

If the business remains clear about its target audience moreover knows the appropriate ways to pitch them,

Then, there remains nothing that can prevent the business to be successful.

And therefore, it will be the best way to increase website traffic also easily converts them into potential customers.

Targeting the right audience will be greatly interested in the business offerings.

You require to stay relevant.

In other terms, only pitch the appropriate users at the appropriate time. It would be great if you present them with some value.

Craft a Story Like a Storytelling with Impact

There is an excellent reason for the demand for stories amongst businesses, brands, & individuals.

Stories are an effective tool for human communication.

Research shows that the human brain reacts to stories’ explanatory power is strongly affecting processes, influencing the sensory & motor cortex.

Reading a story remains to feel an experience & synchronize our minds by the subject of the specific story.

Storytelling remains all the rage.

More and more brands know the power of stories to transform their online presence, build trust among their audience and gain website traffic.

Open Your Website’s Doors for Guest Blogging

Inviting other bloggers to guest post on your blog will increase your website’s traffic immensely as it’s a two way benefit.

  1. Firstly, your daily visitors will increase with this smart work.
  2. And secondly, they will share your website to their network.

Well, Google’s algorithms are always one step ahead of you.

So, just make sure that you are being very strict on publishing the right content in the form of blog posts, articles and news.

Free Traffic Source from Word of Mouth Online

Free Traffic Source from Word of Mouth OnlineAs customers trust suggestions from their friends & family more than any advertising.

This is why word-of-mouth online marketing signifies the most valuable and as well as free source of traffic on the website.

Word of mouth marketing also does not end after simply one interaction.

This marketing chain continues as one user will tell another person, and that person will surely tell someone else.

That person will continue the chain spread the word further, making it an inclusive vehicle for distribution & exposure.

And the same remains true in reverse – as negative news can also spread as fast;

However, the fundamental benefit of word of mouth marketing in this connected era is a personal advertisement, which is not just more readily available.

Although, it is perceived as significantly more helpful to the modern consumer’s.

And, if your product or services is truly helpful for your consumer,

then, they will surely do WOM for you and this will benefit you to gain massive traffic on your website for free of cost.

Attend Marketing Events & Conferences

When it comes to share your business information with audience with your mouth words then events and conferences become the number one source.

Even, it becomes very easy to tell people about your business, who you are and what you do professionally.

And, guest what? People actually do visit your business website to explore!

Don’t Stop Sending Emails

Get Website Traffic from Email MarketingSending emails can be a powerful technique; indeed, a moderately thriving email blast can significantly increase traffic.

Just be concerned not to barrage people with repeated emails regarding every single update in the business.

Moreover, don’t neglect the potential of word-of-mouth marketing, essentially from those who are already utilizing your services or products.

A friendly email reminder regarding any new service or product can help you in boosting your traffic additionally.

Putting on Status (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram)

It’s not enough to share content over social media channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram – you require to participate actively.

And, as well as engage in the community, putting on status, join in the group discussions, including appropriate hashtags.

Answer questions as well as engage with your users.

Nothing transforms people off faster than utilizing social media platforms like a broadcast channel – always utilize social media as intended and interacts with your fans.

Put status on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp!

If you’re on the creative side – and let your audience behind the scenes of your industry as well as the brand.

Free Traffic Source from Business Listing

Get Traffic from Business Listing SitesBusiness listing is also a very excellent free traffic source.

One of the most significant ways to furnish your local SEO a boost is through claiming & optimizing the local business directory listings;

Moreover, the online business directories appropriate to your industry. It will benefit from increasing your website’s visibility in Google.

Furthermore, on the local business directory websites, as your consumers are utilizing to find you while still serving potential customers, including valuable information regarding your business.

Primarily, business listings signify public profiles that anyone can view.

A typical business listing includes NAP details, i.e. (Name, Address, & Phone Number).

Certain business listings also carry advanced details like website, working hours.

Every business should consist of its information on various platforms moreover web directories with which they can be found throughout the internet and gain huge website traffic.

Drive Customer Engagement Through Google My Business

Google My Business remains a free tool!

That empowers you to manage how your business appears over Google outcomes such as Google Search as well as Google Maps.

GMB information is utilized to display business hours, business address, category, as well as reviews, so make sure it’s up to date.

According to research, 46% of all Google searches remain looking for local information.

Assuring your local business listing on Google is up to date is critical when almost half of the users are looking for the business nearby.

Claim or List Your Agency Profile on Top Sites

Get Website Traffic by Claiming or Listing Your Business on Top SitesLocal listing directories and review sites are used to make it simple for local customers to discover your local business with what people say about it. remains the best among all those top listing sites which drives the regular traffic to your website for free.

Leading a business in local listing directories helps the process for your customers to discover your business more easily.

You can present as many citations as possible. A citation remains called the place where your local business stands listed online.

When people search within a local listing directory, the specific results will reveal a quick snap of businesses correlated to the particular keyword input.

Even if the user doesn’t prefer your listing, they get to see your business furthermore put their minds into it the next time.

Each time a person comes across your listing, you will get increased traffic & brand awareness with potential engagement in the future.

Keep Going Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Free

1. Link Interested Topics Internally:

Internal linking structure is one of the most useful user experiences and easiest way to increase the traffic flow within the website.

2. Target Long-Tail Keywords:

You should start your topic research for long-tail keywords right now as these have majority of web searches.

3. Start Podcast – The New Way to Drive Traffic:

Use podcasting for your business as it is the new way of content marketing in terms of audio and capitalize traffic to your website.

4. Be Found in Top Website’s Comment Section:

Being beginner in your niche, you might be visiting few top sites regularly which are relevant to your business.

Then, just don’t waste your visit to those particular sites and start the insightful conversation by engaging comments with your name and website link.

5. Fulfill Your Website with Core Web Vitals Aspects:

Gone are the days, when website visitors used to wait until page loads. Nowadays users love fast loading websites.

And Google’s core web vitals have become the number one SEO ranking factory!

So, it’s better to make your website load faster.

6. Keep Finding New Organic Ways of Driving Traffic to a Brand Site:

Never stop yourself from finding innovative ideas to increase your website traffic as it doesn’t end here only. So, keep searching your organic ways.

FAQs about Website Traffic

Below are the top 5 ways to increase your website traffic organically in 2022;

  1. Get started with the list of low competitive keywords.
  2. Optimize your website or blog for search results.
  3. Don’t forget to submit your site to search engines.
  4. Create quality backlinks to your website.
  5. Produce new blog content to your website daily / weekly / monthly.

These are the top 10 ways to drive massive traffic to your website in 2022;

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Content Creation (Regularly)
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Organic Social Media Marketing
  5. Influence Marketing
  6. Internal Linking
  7. Digital PR
  8. Paid Advertising
  9. Guest Posting
  10. Google Web Stories

There are many tools for traffic estimation through which you can know how to see and tell how much traffic a website gets. Some of them are as below;

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Alexa
  4. SEMRush
  5. SimilarWeb

Conclusion: Increase Website Traffic

Getting free traffic to your website without a plan can be a challenging one.

But hopefully, with some knowledge & little hard work, there are many options for any website to try from the above mentioned options.

Also, no matter what kind of business you possess or the audience you require to reached.

As success comes down to choosing tactics that you can perform well and, that put your business in front of the audience;

Which, really let’s you engage with your customers when they require you rather than only selling.

In this article, I’ve shared some of the best sources of website traffic, so you can pick any of them that resemble your audience, industry, budget & resources.

Well, being SEO strategist, I think that’s enough to increase website traffic for free.

Please don’t stop yourself by sharing your authentic ways if you’ve got any for increasing the website traffic for free.

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