How to Share Link on Instagram

Top 10 Ways to Share Link on Instagram

How to Share Link on Instagram

Last updated on December 15th, 2023 at 12:40 pm

Explore These Top 10 Ways to Share Link on Instagram

Are you looking to share link on Instagram or struggling to place or add the appropriate link on Instagram?

You’re not alone.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users also the number continues growing.

Experts have predicted that in 2024, there will be approx 125.5 million active users. As the digital engagement platform, Instagram does a lot of things right.

It’s stunningly apparent, exceptional at showcasing brand identity, moreover brimming with methods to connect to your audience.

But there is one downside also – At Instagram, it’s tough to build a unique link strategy. The only spot to add a clickable link to your Instagram profile exists in your bio.

However, that doesn’t indicate there aren’t other methods you can execute to drive traffic.

So, if you necessitate to know how to share a link on Instagram, then let’s take a closer glance at a few of the more creative ways to share links on Instagram.

1. Add Link to Your Instagram Bio

Adding one link to your bio signifies the first and easiest way to share a link on Instagram. It is the single place where anyone, also including private personal accounts, can share a link.

The only link you can place here needs to be your “home” link. There are different ways to share links;

However, those methods are targeted at more precise audiences. The link you add in your bio remains there for anyone who appears to visit your profile.

You can change those link at any time in time, so many people change it following the promotions they’re running.

The single problem with changing your post constantly is that old posts Austin gets lost within the shuffle.

What if someone gets a post from 6 months ago moreover goes to your bio for learning more but gets a different link?

Rather than changing the bio link frequently, I believe this is best to share those links within your stories.

If you want to retain the content prepared, you can save the stories being permanenthighlights to render the clickable links.

2. Use Link Service to Add Multiple Links

When Instagram first attained popularity amongst the marketers, it was a standard method to practice link services.

As they are still usable, they are not truly as popular as they were used to be.

For compensating for that, they’ve continued additional design capabilities & built a better user experience. You can pick from a few diverse formats.

Services like Linktree & Shorby present your followers with a list of clickable buttons.

This way, you can lead people to specific landing pages, your blog, other social media platforms, either a specific category on your site where you need more attention.

These services enable you to create a screen that will match your branding in phases of the aesthetics.

There are still other choices to provide an essential Instagram experience.

Preferably than tapping on the text buttons, users are offered a photo grid related to Instagram.

While they tap the photo from a specific post that got their attention, the link service leads them to the appropriate page on your site.

3. Share Link in Post Captions - With a Catch

As it’s true that you can’t include the links into the captions of your usual Instagram photo posts.

But, you can still utilize the caption space to capture users’ attention, share excerpts from the content, moreover extend your reach with the help of hashtags.

You have essentially two options when it evolves to utilizing your Instagram post captions.

You can utilize one link shortening service like Bentley, so the link remains easy for your users to copy or retain.

This method requires more effort from the side of your followers.

So, you should keep it for your top contents either links where you want to convert a short group of targeted users.

Alternatively, whether you’re utilizing a link in your bio either in stories, execute it obvious.

Share directions to one link moreover included shortening links that users can copy if they require to.

Just make sure that the specific recommendations are entirely crystal clear signifies that even those with inadequate computer moreover internet experience can navigate to wherever you want them to perform.

4. Add Links to Instagram Stories

Business accounts with more than 10,000 followers can unlock the swipe-up link feature, enabling you to include live links in your Instagram stories.

As stories only endure for 24 hours, except they’re saved also added into your highlights, this is an excellent method to share links to new as well as time-sensitive content.

Also, if you’re running one limited-time promotion or any giveaway, flash sale, either seasonal event, it is a great method to promote it.

You can likewise save your stories by swipe-up links within the Highlight section of the profile.

Those stories stay pinned within your bio & your photo grid.

You can utilize highlights of a specific library for Evergreen content like your top-selling products, your past events to convince new followers of what they’ve missed, moreover FAQs.

How to Post a Link on an Instagram Story

If you possess at least 10,000 followers or you are a verified Instagram user,

Then you can add a link to your Instagram story to promote your blog, website, either even a YouTube channel.

Let’s know how to share a link to an Instagram story with some easy steps:

  • First, open your Instagram app and tap to Add a Story.
  • Then select either record the video that you want to add to your Instagram story. And for selecting multiple items, just tap & hold the first item.
  • And once you complete your selections, you pass them on to the editing screen, where you can add sound, filters, links, stickers, text, drawings, and more.
  • After that click, the link icon on the top of the page moreover then click the URL.
  • You can type or just paste the URL in the field presented and then click the Done button.
  • While you share your story, you can see there’s one See More option on the bottom of the page, wherever users can “swipe up” to view the link.

5. Add a Link to Your Instagram Story Highlights

No doubt, Instagram stories are an exceptional method to share links to time-sensitive as well as new content like a temporary promotion, flash sales, free giveaways.

They are so temporary—often disappearing after 24 hours. However, it doesn’t indicate that you can’t utilize it to promote your evergreen content.

Additionally, after you post your Instagram Stories with swipe-up links, you can keep them into your Instagram Story Highlights before your story disappear.

By accomplishing this, your Instagram Stories, including links, will appear on your profile as long as you desire, so new followers possess a chance to check out your past Stories.

You can also utilize it for showcasing your top-selling products, popular blog posts, freebies, and FAQs.

6. Sharing Links on IGTV

For the specific videos that are longer than a minute, IGTV was formulated to support that content.

IGTV remains a stand-alone application that allows users to create channels to easily upload videos that are longer than a minute and add links.

It can be obtained from your Instagram app also, plus visitors will be capable of seeing a tab linked to it on your profile within the posts tab & tagged posts tab.

You should mention the link in the video moreover put that link within the Description section of the specific IGTV video.

When you share your IGTV video on your regular Instagram feed (also, yes, you should share it with a great cover photo!)

Captions as: ‘Hello! Ensure this video description for a link to receive your discount code!’ will help you additionally.

You should likewise add your IGTV into your Stories.

In this process, the swipe-up feature of Instagram will seem in the story without even owning 10K followers.

7. Create Links in Shoppable Content

The shoppable posts provide you the option to utilize highly specific links.

Each one from your shopping tags links to an individual product only; moreover, it needs to be a physical product, preferably any digital one.

Shopping tags remain the most common targeted conversions possible.

And if you sell any physical products, begin by creating any product catalog on Facebook.

Once you upload your products with shopping links, images, and descriptions, you can begin adding shopping tags into your Instagram posts.

You’ll additionally notice a shopping tab that seems on your profile just next to the standard tabs of the profile grid, tagged photos, as well as individual images.

By clicking this tab enables users to see the full product catalog. Products on the shopping tab seem in a standard PhotoGrid.

However, users are permitted to tap to shop. Even they can save the products just like they save the shared posts either shop immediately.

Instagram Insights enables you to check engagement at individual shopping posts or analyze shopping posts based on a variety of metrics, including save, engagement, and Impressions.

However, Instagram shopping will not add any attribution to the individual product links so that you may require to experiment by adding UTM time via the links within the product catalog for the analytics objectives.

8. Use Instagram Ads

You can utilize your Instagram business profile for paying to promote posts & stories via Instagram Ads.

This enables you to segment your audience as well as add clickable links into the captions of the specific promoted posts.

Instagram enables you to share links within your post captions as long as you’re spending for them.

If you practice this approach, make sure your links remain relevant to the post moreover the story in which they arrive.

If people click moreover then bounce, then you’ve wasted money on the ad spend. While creating the ad, think about the conversion you want.

Always ask yourself few questions that are like

  1. Are you educating your users regarding your brand?
  2. Drawing them in with captivating content?
  3. Promoting one shoppable post?

Various conversions need different designs. Strive for a balance between an engaging post design as well as an obvious call to action.

9. Instagram Story Swipe Up Links

Story including a link is an inclusive tool to expand the word about time-sensitive content, particularly to the most loyal followers.

Pop-up events, flash sales, limited-time promotions, early-bird event ticket sales, giveaways, and many more other things can be estimated to add to the stories.

You can place them into a Highlight.

Moreover, the link will still be clickable. Utilize role playings, gifs, emojis, pen tools, as well as get creative to maintain your Swipe Up Link.

If you have at least have 10.000 followers or you have a verified account on Instagram, you can obtain this feature.

You may think that it’s one bummer as you possess none of the above but consider twice.

You will have plenty of other tactics that you can utilize to share links; moreover, sometimes, a business doesn’t require that many followers.

Don’t stress out on having 10k followers. Concentrate on your goals more than a certain number of followers.

If you possess what it takes to combine a Swipe-Up link at your stories;

Open the Instagram app on your phone, swipe left to begin a story, at the top, tap that ‘Insert Link’ option (specific chain icon), then click ‘URL,’ and insert the link, after that hit ‘Done.’

You now possesses a ‘See More’ section on the bottom of the story! Additionally see the story analytics within the profile as well as your Instagram stories.

10. Add Links to Instagram Direct Messages

Most of the brands fail to utilize Instagram direct messages over their full potential.

It would help if you took some time to monitor your inbox each day concerning message requests, stories, Dimension the brands, as well as customer service questions.

You should have some time to respond, reshare, as well as build those customer relationships.

Begin a conversation by reacting to a user story either reaching out to offer guidance.

Messages on Instagram remain private, so they signify a more personal method of communication.

If you make efforts to reach out to your followers within their direct messages, they’ll for sure appreciate you for treating them being individuals.

There are several methods that you can utilize direct messages as a component of your strategy.

For instance, you can convey a message to welcome your new followers.

You can also set up quick replies for handling typing out a unique message each time someone follows you.

Moreover, you can also share links into both your standard messages and quick replies, enabling you to begin automatically leading sustaining every new follower.

Conclusion: How to Share Link on Instagram

Probably one day, Instagram will make this easier for everyone to share links to Instagram within their posts.

Till then, these are some of the best methods to Share a Link on Instagram.

However, sharing links on Instagram requires you to be a bit creative and spend a little time by the setup;

Leveraging the platform to its fullest can go a long way to enhancing your bottom line and helping you build more powerful relationships with the customer base.

Alternatively, you can use these social sharing sites to drive traffic.

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