Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Sites

Ultimate Guide To Submit Article in Article Submission Sites – Article Submission means an off-page SEO technique in which you write an article and publish it on the third-party website.

It is a method by which you write articles that are related to your business and add them to the famous article submission sites.

Generally, Article submission refers to writing those articles that will be relevant to your online product or services and then submit it to the popular article submission sites.

There are many benefits of article submission like it includes advertising, marketing and publicity of your business on the World Wide Web.

Not only this, you should always keep in mind that articles should be submitted in the relevant categories of popular article submission websites. Also, you are required to produce quality articles only then you can reap the maximum benefits of this activity.

The main aim of the article is to clarify the needs of the article writing and submission to achieve the purpose of getting higher rankings for both the keyword and page rankings on the search engines.

How to Submit an Article in Article Submission Sites?

Article submission way in those sites in which account registration is required.

Only Step – Go to website and find login/registration page, then sign up. You can choose login via third party access as well because some of the article submission sites have login facilities like login via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter & etc.

Step 2 – After sign in, you can submit your article in your niche category.

Process to Submit an Article

  1. Research websites other than the sites I have provided and register yourself.
  2. Create a network on those sites, complete your profile and add every single detail.
  3. Submit your article by filling the form which will have fields like Title. category, author box, and article body.
  4. Read complete guidelines before submitting the article to get quick approval.
  5. Upload relevant images.

Hence, explore below the top Article Submission Sites for submitting your content.

S.No.Article Submission WebsitesDAPADofollowInstantYear

Key Points to Consider While Writing Articles

While doing article submission do not forget to consider below key points. Following these points will help you to meet the purpose of both i.e. your target audience and search engines.

  • Your articles should be original and information-rich.
  • It should be keyword rich but not excessive to the point of keyword stuffing.
  • The average length of your articles should be between 500 and 700.
  • You should give a unique title to your article with the main keyword into it to make it easy for web crawlers to identify and classify the topic of your article.
  • You should always give subheadings, bullets, and numberings to articles to make it presentable and easy to read for potential customers.

Benefits of Using Article Submission Sites

  • Submitting article, helps you in building back-links for your website.
  • Helps you to get a logical connection for your website from focused keywords.
  • Makes way to improve your brand presence.
  • It gives benifits in generating traffic to your website.
  • Improves your website ranking on search engine results.
  • Helps you to achieve lifetime links to your website.
  • Most importantly, it is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies that make content a main part of back-linking.
  • With no doubt, it is the best method that costs no money and you get the promotion of your brand name.
  • It’s a method of promotion and advertisement that attracts visitors to navigate through your website.
  • Search engine optimization loves the links coming from content-rich sites so article submission opens the door for search engine rankings and it is a good way to impress search engines.

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