Search Engine Submission Sites List

Search Engine Submission Sites List

Search Engine Submission Sites List

Last updated on December 15th, 2023 at 12:53 pm

Want to Get Indexed on Google? Try Search Engine Submission Sites Now!

Have you developed a new business website and want to get it indexed on Google? If so, search engine submission sites can help.

I understand that organic traffic is essential for any site or blog moreover the source of organic traffic remains the Search Engine.

and, submitting your site to search engines is a significant part of SEO activities.

In this article, I’m going to share with you what search engine submission sites are and how they enable bloggers and marketers to submit their website URLs.

As we know, Google is the most common search engine in the world (among others like Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and more), with about 90% of users using it for their queries.

However, as a site or blog owner, it’s important to submit your site or blog URL to other search engines as well.

Doing so will provide you with quality backlinks and boost your ranking on Google. Additionally, you will receive organic traffic from these search engines.

What is The Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission is a way to request numerous search engines to crawl and index your website.

Crawling and indexing are the technical elements used by search engines to present your website on their ranking pages.

By submitting your website, it begins to get noticed in all search engines.

Big search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing limit the effectiveness and genuineness of websites by obtaining their traces on different search engines.

While there are a few popular search engines on the internet, many others are widely utilized by people but still not very popular.

You can use these to promote your website’s SEO and awareness.

As mentioned above, understanding crawling and indexing is essential for web search before submitting your site to search engine submission sites.


When you submit your website to a search engine, it utilizes a spider or crawler to crawl the website.

The initial search engine crawls one page and then begins crawling every webpage linked to that page.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep your sitemap updated to ensure that all of your web pages are crawled and indexed by the search engine.


Usually, search engines automatically crawl and index your business website or personal blog.

However, if your website is not crawled or indexed by them for any reason, what should you do?

In this case, the only alternative left is to submit your website to certain search engines. Generally, a search engine spider or crawler will automatically crawl and index your website.

Without proper crawling and indexing, your website cannot rank on the search engine results page (SERP), so submitting your website to search engine listing or submission sites becomes the most powerful option.

How Search Engines Work

Search engines use crawlers to discover web pages, index the gathered information, process user queries, rank relevant pages, and display the results.

They constantly refine their algorithms based on user feedback to provide better search experiences and deliver the most relevant information to users.

For example;

When a user enters a query into a search engine, the search engine processes it to understand the user’s search intent.

Once the search engine comprehends the query, it searches its index to find web pages that match the query’s terms.

After ranking the pages, the search engine presents the results to the user. Typically, search engines display the most relevant and highest-ranked pages first.

Search engines continuously strive to enhance their algorithms and algorithms’ efficiency.

They gather feedback from users, monitor user behavior, and analyze the success or failure of search results.

This information helps search engines refine their algorithms, improve relevance, and deliver more accurate and helpful search results over time.

How to Create Account on Search Engine Submission Sites?

To create a successful registration on specific sites that I have suggested with you below, you need to take care of the following given steps:

  1. Choose any sites from the search engine submission sites list.
  2. Always pick up only one website at a time moreover create an account on it.
  3. And after account creation, just submit your website URL or blog to the specific site.
  4. And once you are done with the first site then follow the same method for all the other sites.

It is suggested to make usage of the sites that are free search engine submission sites. You don’t need to pay for submitting the site or blog’s link on it.

List of Most Popular Search Engine Submission Sites 2024

Free URL submission to search engines with easy process. Just sign up and submit.
S. No. Top Free Search Engine Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
01 93 75
02 93 57
03 90 55
04 90 97
05 66 50

Free Website Submission to 1000 Search Engines

Submit website to search engines for free and fast crawling & indexing with bulk search engine submission.
S. No. Free Search Engine Submission Sites DA PA
01 56 43
02 54 55
03 53 58
04 49 66
05 49 49
06 44 57
07 40 55
08 37 49
09 36 38
10 33 50
11 29 55
12 29 41
13 27 49
14 27 21
15 24 35

More Useful List of Free Search Engine Submission Sites

Free web submission 2024 – Submit your URL to these search engines for free.
S. No. Free Search Engine Submission Sites DA PA
01 44 52
02 44 51
03 39 49
04 36 44
05 34 36
06 32 39
07 30 37
08 29 44
09 21 36
10 19 47
11 18 21

Why to Submit Your Website into Search Engine Submission Sites?

Getting listed on Google and other common search engines remains one of the most powerful methods of driving free, targeted traffic to your website.

Organic traffic, or more precisely unpaid traffic, remains the most important type of traffic driven by search engines around the world.

This is because organic traffic is still rated among the most reliable sources for discovering news and information.

Optimal Approaches for Leveraging Free Website Submission

The procedure of presenting your website to different platforms for web submission follows a consistent pattern.

You simply have to visit each individual search engine submission site and accurately provide the necessary information.

Allow me to enhance your comprehension of this process by providing a comprehensive explanation of the following components.

Optimize Information Accuracy

When engaging with search engine submission sites, it is crucial to diligently complete all the necessary details with precision.

You will be prompted to provide significant information such as your website’s title, keywords, homepage URL, email address, and more.

It is imperative to consistently submit accurate and reliable information.

Register Prior to Website Submission

Certain search engine webmasters offer the option to directly include links on their dashboard, while others mandate user registration.

It is advisable to create an account on the respective webmaster platform as well.

This facilitates future adjustments and improvements to your submitted website and it’s related web information.

Furthermore, this process extends beyond search engine submissions and can be applied to article submissions, bookmarking, directories, and many more.

Verify Indexing Restrictions via The Robot.txt File

The robot.txt file grants explicit instructions to specific web crawlers as per your specifications.

To ensure seamless crawling of your website by search engines, it is essential to authorize indexing within the robot.txt file.

Exercise Caution with Prominent Search Engines

While utilizing renowned search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and others, it is crucial to approach the submission process on search engine submission sites with care.

Certain submission sites possess the potential to generate higher levels of traffic compared to others.

Hence, it is advisable to consistently update your information and ensure the inclusion of all webpages, including the homepage.

How to Check If Your Website is Indexed or Not?

To check if your website is indexed by Google, simply type your website URL into the Google search box.

If Google knows about your website, it will display it as a search result.

On the other side, if your website is not the top search result, you may need to submit your website to Google.

Another way to check if a page is indexed by a search engine is to copy a unique piece of text from that page, enclose it in quotes, and search for it.

According to SEO terms, you can use the “site:” command operator followed by your domain name to see if your website is indexed or not.

For example:

If your website is not indexed, you can submit it to Google using the Search Console tool.

Why Your Website Not Found on Search Engines?

Search engines like Google need to find your site before they can crawl, index it, rate it, and display it in their listings (SERPs – or Search Engine Results Pages).

Google’s bots (the spiders Google uses) can access your page if they know your website exists.

Your site can only be listed in Google search if it is crawled and indexed by Googlebot in the first place.

Google may not know about your site yet, however. There are several reasons why a site does not rank in Google.

Benefits of Free Site Submission in These Sites

When you do a URL submission on the search engine submission sites, you can perceive many advantages.

Among those plus features which you will get, I have mentioned below:

  • Do-follow Backlinks

Search engine submission sites can assist you to build valuable as well as relevant do-follow backlinks for your website either blog.

These backlinks work as votes, which will help your website to get a higher position on the search engine results page.

The more search engine submissions you do to different search engines, the more extra backlinks you will get.

  • Higher Traffic

High PR search engine submission sites possess millions of users. They can assist you to generate an impressive amount of traffic for your website if utilized ideally.

  • Business Awareness

Submitting your site to search engine submission sites will spread awareness regarding your business moreover brand on the internet.

People will acquire to know regarding your products and services while your site is presented to them online.

  • More Exposure

Search engine submission sites also provide your business more exposure in SERPs, generating leads.

  • Free Advertising

Search engine submission sites allow you to advertise your products & services for free, which signifies an added benefit for your business.

  • More Conversions

If people know about your products, brand, or services then they will approach you whenever they require what you offer to them.

That increases sales moreover overall business income.

To implement your business with these benefits, you should begin submitting the URL of your site to the search engine submissions list.

The Historical & Interesting Facts about Search Engines

  1. The very first search engine launched in 1990.
  2. W3Catalog was released in 1993 as the first primitive search engine.
  3. WebCrawler came in 1994 as the first text-based crawler search engine.
  4. Yahoo was the first most popular search engine on the Web.
  5. Google launched in 1997 and quickly dominated every other search engine.
  6. Now, Google is the most used search engine in the world. (Market share of 92.01%)

FAQs about Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission refers to the sending a crawl and index request for any web page into various search engines for SEO enhancements.

Below are the top five search engines to boost your website visibility;

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yandex
  4. Baidu
  5. Yahoo

Undoubtedly, Google is the best search engine in the world. It’s not only the best, but also the safest search engine of 2024.

These are the ways to get Google to index your site and find your website pages in SERPs:

  1. Verify your website in Google webmaster (GSC).
  2. Submit a XML sitemap.
  3. Request your homepage for crawling and indexing.

Final Thoughts on Free Web Submission

I hope you now find it easy to understand what search engine submission is and how to execute it properly.

Utilize all the available search engine submission sites and submit your website’s URL on different platforms to maximize its crawling and indexing.

By following this approach, you will undoubtedly get favorable results in your search engine rankings very quickly.

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