Blog Commenting Sites List 2023

Free and Top Blog Commenting Sites List

Blog Commenting Sites List 2023

Blog commenting sites play an important role in powerful link-building strategies.

You not only get opportunities for high-quality backlinks to your site but also one of the most straightforward ways to drive traffic to your website.

These commenting websites allow readers to share their opinions through blog comments, which can effectively engage both publishers and readers.

So, let’s start and let me help you understand what blog commenting is!

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is an effective way to establish relationships between bloggers and readers.

Readers can gain valuable information from an article or blog post and leave a comment based on their reading experience.

Bloggers receive feedback and a unique perspective on their blog, while readers can communicate their thoughts and questions regarding the content provided.

This can help the commenter influence other users.

When done correctly, blog commenting can be an excellent way to advertise and gain business by creating quality backlinks.

On the other hand, blog commenting can be an effortless technique to create high-quality backlinks for your website as part of SEO.

Types of Blog Commenting

There are two types of blog commenting. First one is “Automated” and second one is “Manual”. Read more about it in detail.

Automated Method

This type of blog commenting can be done with the help of various tools.

It is possible to automate the process of publishing comments on blog commenting websites that auto-approve comments.

These sites typically do not require any manual action to add, remove, or edit comments on existing posts.

I personally suggest that website owners strictly use comment moderation for their own websites.

Using automated methods to generate comments is not recommended, as it can lead to spam comments.

Manual Procedure

Manual blog commenting involves a user filling out a form to publish a comment on a blog.

As we know, Google encourages manual tasks in SEO activities, and manual blog commenting is highly recommended.

It can provide instant approval for relevant and high-quality content, as well as top-class backlinks for your website.

Blog Comments Examples

Below image clearly describes the best example for blog comments.

Blog Comments Examples

Top Blog Commenting Sites of 2023 with High DA

Here is the list of top blog commenting sites that will enhance your website ranking in SERPs.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Blog Commenting Sites (SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing)

Explore the list of top blog commenting sites of marketing niche:
S. No. Digital Marketing Blog Commenting Websites List Domain Authority (DA)
01 89
02 84
03 82
04 82
05 77
06 71
07 72
08 63
09 60
10 59

List of Web Development Blog Commenting Sites

Get the list of blog commenting sites of web development niche:
S. No. Web Development Blog Commenting Websites List Domain Authority (DA)
01 91
02 90
03 89
04 87
05 84
06 79
07 78
08 73
09 73
10 69

List of Education Blog Commenting Sites

Here is the blog commenting sites list of education niche:
S. No. Education Blog Commenting Websites List (EDU) Domain Authority (DA)
01 92
02 92
03 79
04 69
05 67
06 60
07 57
08 56
09 55
10 37

List of Fitness and Health Blog Commenting Sites

Explore the blog commenting sites list of health and fitness niche:
S. No. Health Blog Commenting Websites List (Fitness) Domain Authority (DA)
01 93
02 90
03 86
04 61
05 61
06 61
07 55
08 53
09 52
10 49

Free Real Estate Blog Commenting Sites List for Submissions

Here is the list of blog commenting sites of real estate niche:
S. No. Real Estate Blog Commenting Websites List Domain Authority (DA)
01 90
02 89
03 71
04 44
05 43
06 39
07 34
08 33
09 33
10 31

List of Technology Blog Commenting Sites

Get the list of blog commenting sites of tech niche:
S. No. Technology Blog Commenting Websites List Domain Authority (DA)
01 71
02 66
03 63
04 58
05 52
06 45

List of Finance Blog Commenting Sites

Explore the list of blog commenting sites of finance and business niche:
S. No. Finance Blog Commenting Websites List Domain Authority (DA)
01 84
02 64
03 59
04 57
05 56
06 42

List of Travel Blog Commenting Sites

Here is the list of blog commenting sites of travel and tour niche:
S. No. Travel Blog Commenting Websites List Domain Authority (DA)
01 82
02 57
03 55
04 55
05 53
06 52

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List 2023

Get the list of 20+ blog commenting sites which give instant approval for comments.
S. No. Blog Commenting Websites With Instant Approval Domain Authority (DA)
01 89
02 82
03 78
04 77
05 77
06 68
07 68
08 62
09 58
10 58
11 53
12 51
13 50
14 48
15 48
16 46
17 43
18 42
19 42
20 41
21 37

Why is Blog Commenting Important?

If you want to surpass your competitors and reach a specific audience for your services, blog commenting can help you win the race.

By writing descriptive and helpful comments in your blog category on high-traffic sites, you can significantly improve your SEO.

Here is how it helps –

If the readers find your comment attention-grabbing, they will like to know more about your page, leading to increased traffic for your website.

Thus, frequently commenting on topics under your scope of services gives you more “facetime” with the concerned users.

By selecting the right platform for blog commenting, i.e., sites with high DA, more and more readers will visit your homepage.

Needless to say, blog commenting is one of the best ways to get backlinks to your page. It helps you find precisely the kind of users interested in your niche.

With your consistent efforts in commenting, you can connect with the readers and earn a position of expertise among the users, making your work known to them.

This way, you get to establish brand awareness and authority.

Linking your page to your comments can lead your readers right where you want them to, giving them access to more of your work.

All this effort is for your site to get linked by another site to help with your search engine visibility – however, the position at which your linking is situated matters greatly.

There are two ways of identifying a link

Dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. These links tell Google how to associate the website you are linking to your website.

Dofollow links – these links do not contain the nofollow tag, and these are the only links get attention to while ranking in Google’s algorithms and boosting your link juice.

Nofollow links – these links contain the nofollow tags and are not sent to any kind of page ranking, turning all your efforts into dust as it would not affect your search engine ranking to go higher.

You can check if your link is dofollow or nofollow by – checking the HTML code.

“Inspect” your link on your desktop browser; if you see rel=”nofollow” attribute, your link is a nofollow link. Otherwise, it is dofollow.

This small favour you get from commenting on blogs of a reputable site will boost your site in the search engines and bring filtered traffic to your page, helping you grow.

The Internet has made the world so much easier for us to reach every remote location; all you need is to travel there by entering more and more webs.

The important thing is for you to know where to comment and the right place for SEO to grab more readers on your profile.

Choose instant approval blog commenting sites as these sites provide you with backlinks that are important for ranking on search engines.

The improved ranking is your small step towards a big chunk of growth.

How to Write a Perfect Blog Comment?

We all know how important it is to leave comments on other blogs.

Building a community and providing feedback is more important than just building links.

Since every blogger strives to publish great posts, it’s essential to contribute by posting quality comments. Everyone appreciates feedback on their writing or viewpoints.

However, writing excellent blog comments is an art, and they can help you build strong relationships in addition to improving your SEO.

Here is how you can write a perfect blog comment –

  • Avoids filling in keywords in the name field because that is going to ruin your reputation.
  • Add or ask for new information.
  • Keep it relevant and niche specific.
  • If you disagree, don’t be rude or disrespectful. Respect their viewpoint and then give yours.
  • Leave a genuine feedback and mention the highlights of their content.
  • Show your expertise and add value.
  • Do not be pushy or overly promotional.
  • Don’t add irrelevant links just to get traffic to your website.
  • Maintain your online persona and don’t pretend to be someone you are not.
  • Be original.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind –


  1. Make an account on Gravatar so readers can see your profile and you can earn more trust.
  2. Mention your email address and home page URL to make it a credential to use.
  3. Ask meaningful questions that will make other users interact under your comment.
  4. Give your feedback on the content provided by the blogger and the learning with topic.
  5. Add something different that makes the user believe that your comment was helpful.
  6. Appreciate the blogger and the blogging site about their work to establish a relationship.
  7. Make it sufficient with appropriate words to point out relevant data from your comment.
  8. Add some researched data to stand out in the comment section from the other users.
  9. Add your comment about your services on a relevant blog.
  10. As, readers don’t need to see a fashion advice comment below a health-related blog.
  11. Make sure the webpage you are accessing to comment on has high DA.
  12. As, you get the most potential backlink from websites that are backlinked.
  13. Your comments should be authentic to prove your usefulness to the users.


  1. Avoid commenting in the comment box with spam users.
  2. Don’t advertise yourself thriftlessly ( Eg. click here to check our website).
  3. Never criticize the user in an unhelpful way.
  4. Don’t give out all your ideas in the comment box, as it will fail to draw people to your web page.
  5. Fake email IDs and usernames should not be used.
  6. Do not waste time commenting on websites with less DA and credibility, as it will prove counterproductive.

FAQs on Blog Commenting Sites

Blog commenting in SEO is a way for interested people and professionals in the field to build positive relationships via comments.

It aids in bringing an increasing amount of traffic to the blog and subsequently to the website that hosts the blogs.

Blog comments are simply the remarks that are displayed at the bottom of blog postings which may help boost your SEO and encourage user engagement.

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, blog comments still operate today.

Google bots are now smarter, and the level of competition has increased, but the significance of blog comments has not diminished.

However, quality prevails over the number of blog comments (or link development in general).

You should focus on leaving insightful and valuable comments on blogs that relate to your industry and benefit the readers.

There are many queries through which you can easily find excellent and niche-relevant blog commenting sites with ease.

Among many queries, the five given below are quite effective. Try these out and extract as many blog commenting sites as you want.

  • inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword
  • inurl:blog + “post a comment” + commentluv enabled
  • “Add comment” Your Keywords
  • “Post comment” Your Keywords
  • “Write comment” Your Keywords

Blog commenting in SEO is the most common strategy to boost the ranking of your website.

By following these five tricks, one can quickly get backlinks for any particular website and get high DA link for their website.


Blog commenting is a critical tool for boosting your webpage’s SEO through backlinking.

To stay ahead and take advantage of all available resources, it’s essential to remain consistent and put in practical work.

Remember that everything you post online is associated with your profile page and brand recognition.

These factors can be key to your success in ranking and growth.

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