Directory Submission Sites List

List of Free Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission Sites List

Last updated on January 2nd, 2024 at 04:53 pm

99+ Free High-Quality Web Directory list Submission Sites 2024

Directory submission sites hold great significance in acquiring valuable backlinks, making them an invaluable off-page SEO tactic for sharing a business’s details and its website URL.

In this technologically advanced internet age, almost everyone possesses knowledge about search engine optimization, which refers to a digital marketing approach comprising diverse strategies.

Search engine optimization encompasses numerous on-page and off-page endeavors that contribute to enhancing website visibility and ranking.

The internet is teeming with an array of web directory submission sites, offering ample space to include your website, business name, information, and, most significantly, your website URL.

As a result, your business or website can achieve heightened recognition across the digital landscape.

What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission refers to the process of submitting your website title, URL, description into online web directories to create one way, regional and free backlinks.

It is one of the off-page SEO activities that can create backlinks for any website.

To perform a directory submission, one must submit their website URL to directory submission sites, in order to obtain high-quality backlinks that can improve their website’s ranking.

In other terms, it is a technique for listing your website in various directories under specific categories.

Hence, it is an exceptional technique to increase a website’s domain authority.

Different Types of Directory Submission Sites

Undoubtedly, directory submission is an effective technique for creating quality backlinks.

However, did you know that there are various kinds of directory submission sites available?

Here are 9 types of directory submission for 2024.

Free Directory Submission

These types of directory submissions are free, although there is no guarantee that your link will be approved by the administrator, and it may take a long time to get approved.

Opting for free directory listing is always the first choice for many website owners, and it should be, as it is quite ethical.

Reciprocal Regular Listing

You will be required to submit a specific reciprocal link on your site when activating the directory link, and only then will the directory administrator approve the link.

Paid Listing

In this type of directory submission, the owner of the specific directory submission website will charge for the paid directory submission.

With the paid directories, you will get quick backlinks. Many sites offer a paid package for either a year or a lifetime.

Automatic Web Submission

In this type of directory submission, you can submit your website URL by using softwares & tools.

Manually Submission

You need to make these directory submissions manually.

However, all the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo never support any kind of manipulative ranking practices at any cost.

Nofollow Directory Submission

Since the use of the no-follow attribute remains highly restrictive, it often fails to produce the desired outcome for higher rankings.

If you are submitting your website link to any no-follow directory submission websites, always be cautious.

Dofollow Directory Submission

For those who are bloggers and want to increase their blog rankings, Dofollow directory listing websites will help you get your website in SERPs.

Dofollow backlinks help in obtaining high rankings in SERPs and also provide a massive amount of traffic.

Niche Directory Submission

These are specific directories that include blogs, RSS feeds, scripts & software, web companies, SEO companies, travel & tourism, and other online businesses.

Each niche directory is dedicated to a specific subject and classified as a category under a general directory.

Regional Directory Submission

It is used to submit your website locally, which helps search engines rank your website in the local search results.

Strategically, it acts as a local directory submission SEO booster.

List of Emerging Directory Submission Sites

Top 10 Free Web Directory Submissions Sites List

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 48 57 Free / Paid
02 37 52 Free / Paid
03 35 57 Free / Paid
04 33 53 Free / Paid
05 33 52 Free / Paid
06 33 44 Free / Paid
07 30 53 Free / Paid
08 29 53 Free / Paid
09 29 52 Free / Paid
10 29 51 Free / Paid

Website Directory Listing Tools

S. No. List of Website Directory Tools Domain Authority (DA)
01 47

List of Free High DA Directory Submission Sites 2024

There are many 5000 directory submission sites list, but here is the high DA websites. Try these now!
S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 29 50 Free / Paid
02 28 62 Free / Paid
03 28 51 Free / Paid
04 27 51 Free / Paid
05 27 48 Free / Paid
06 27 47 Free / Paid
07 26 51 Free / Paid
08 26 48 Free / Paid
09 26 47 Free / Paid
10 25 50 Free / Paid
11 25 50 Free / Paid
12 24 52 Free / Paid
13 24 51 Free / Paid
14 24 45 Free / Paid
15 23 54 Free / Paid
16 23 44 Free / Paid
17 22 48 Free / Paid
18 21 45 Free / Paid
19 21 44 Free / Paid
20 21 36 Free / Paid
21 20 50 Free / Paid
22 20 49 Free / Paid
23 20 48 Free / Paid

List of Regional Directory Submission Site List

The more frequently you have regional links for your website, the better your website’s local online visibility and ranking will be.

When your website’s ranking increases, search engines will visit your web page more frequently and consider your website the most useful and relevant webpage.

Top 10 Free Web Directory Submission Sites of USA

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 39 57 Free / Paid
02 32 54 Free / Paid
03 31 53 Free / Paid
04 27 47 Free / Paid
05 26 50 Free / Paid
06 19 48 Free / Paid
07 18 43 Free / Paid
08 17 50 Free / Paid
09 16 42 Free / Paid
10 11 31 Free / Paid

Free Web Directories List of UK

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 29 51 Free / Paid
02 28 51 Free / Paid
03 27 52 Free / Paid
04 25 52 Free / Paid
05 18 51 Free / Paid

Free and Top Directory Submission Sites of Australia

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 24 52 Free / Paid
02 22 43 Free / Paid
03 20 45 Free / Paid
04 19 50 Free / Paid
05 15 49 Free / Paid

Free Web Directories of Canada

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 27 51 Free / Paid
02 24 49 Free / Paid
03 20 47 Free / Paid
04 17 47 Free / Paid
05 14 46 Free / Paid

Free Directory Submission Sites in India 2024

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 28 45 Free / Paid
02 24 46 Free / Paid
03 22 52 Free / Paid
04 18 48 Free / Paid
05 16 47 Free / Paid

List of Niche Directory Submission Sites Free List

The more niche backlinks you create for your website, the more relevant backlinks you will have.

This will help improve your website’s authority in your niche, increase your website’s visibility in search engine results, and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

Top 10 Free Web Marketing Niche Directory Submission Sites

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 41 64 Free / Paid
02 32 53 Free / Paid
03 31 52 Free / Paid
04 31 51 Free / Paid
05 24 45 Free / Paid
06 22 47 Free / Paid
07 21 53 Free / Paid
08 21 27 Free / Paid
09 20 48 Free / Paid
10 17 48 Free / Paid

Shopping Niche Directory Submission Sites (Fashion)

S.No. Free Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 24 52 Free / Paid
02 22 50 Free / Paid
03 22 49 Free / Paid
04 22 29 Free / Paid
05 16 47 Free / Paid

Financial Directory Submission Sites List

Here is the top list of business finance web directories to submit your site for free.
S.No. Finance Directory Submission Websites DA PA Google Index Type Dofollow
01 36 50 Free / Paid
02 21 49 Free / Paid
03 17 49 Free / Paid
04 11 27 Free / Paid
05 08 27 Free / Paid

How Directory Submission Sites Work

Directory submission sites are platforms that allow website owners to submit their websites for inclusion in directories.

The process involves selecting a suitable directory, filling out a submission form with website details, and awaiting review by directory administrators.

These sites come in different types, including general, niche-specific, and local directories, catering to diverse needs.

Additionally, directory submissions contribute to search engine optimization by generating valuable backlinks that improve website rankings.

These platforms act as valuable resources, connecting website owners with their target audience and facilitating online exploration and discovery.

Guidelines for Choosing The Right Directory Submission Sites

Follow these key considerations while selecting directory submission sites.

1. Factors to Consider (domain authority, relevance, traffic, etc.)

  • Weighing the importance of these factors in ensuring the effectiveness of submissions.
  • Evaluating factors such as domain authority, relevance, and traffic when choosing directory submission sites.

2. Avoiding Low-Quality or Spammy Directories

  • Exercising caution to avoid low-quality or spammy directories that may do more harm than good.
  • Highlighting the potential risks associated with submitting to such directories and the importance of maintaining a reputable online presence.

Extra-Ordinary Benefits of Using Directory Submission Sites

Utilizing directory submission sites offers several extraordinary benefits that can significantly impact a business’s online presence and overall success.

Some of these exceptional advantages include:

Enhanced Online Visibility

Directory submission sites expose your website to a wider audience by listing it within relevant categories.

This increased visibility can attract more potential customers and boost brand recognition.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Quality directory submissions can generate valuable backlinks to your website.

These backlinks, coming from reputable directories, contribute to improving your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines.

As a result, your website’s search engine rankings may experience a positive impact.

Targeted Traffic

Directory submissions allow you to reach a specific target audience.

Niche-specific or local directories help you connect with individuals actively seeking products or services in your industry or locality, leading to higher-quality traffic and potential conversions.

Business Credibility and Trustworthiness

Being listed in reputable directories enhances your business’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Users often perceive businesses listed in respected directories as more reliable, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Brand Exposure and Marketing Opportunities

Directory submissions present an opportunity to showcase your brand, products, and services to a broader audience.

It acts as a promotional platform, allowing potential customers to discover your offerings and creating marketing opportunities.

Competitive Edge

By leveraging directory submission sites effectively, you can gain a competitive edge over businesses that are not listed or are poorly represented.

Your presence in authoritative directories demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to online marketing, setting you apart from competitors.

Local Business Reach

Local directory submissions are particularly beneficial for brick-and-mortar businesses.

These online web directories help attract customers within your geographical area, increasing foot traffic and fostering a stronger local customer base.

Long-Term Results

Directory submissions can provide lasting benefits.

Once your website is listed, it remains accessible to users browsing the directory, potentially generating consistent traffic and leads over time.

Harnessing the extraordinary benefits of directory submission sites can contribute significantly to your online success, amplifying your visibility, credibility, and customer reach in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

FAQs about Directory Submission

We do directory submission in SEO because it is an important aspect of SEO which helps in generating high-quality backlinks.

Moreover, it can also help improve your website’s online visibility by making it easier for users to find your website through these directories.

There are numerous directory submission sites available online that can help improve your website’s SEO.

However, it’s important to choose high-quality and reputable directories that are relevant to your niche.

Some popular and reputable directory submission sites for SEO include:

  1. DMOZ (Open Directory Project)
  2. Yahoo! Directory
  3. BOTW (Best of the Web)
  5. AllTop

Remember, while directory submissions can be helpful in improving your website’s SEO, it’s important to use them as part of a larger SEO strategy that includes other techniques such as keyword research, content creation, and link building.


Directory submission remains a useful link-building technique that enhances the SEO of any website.

In fact, it can increase a website’s ranking by up to 30%.

To get the most out of directory submissions, it’s important to use high-quality, niche-relevant directory submission sites in conjunction with other strategies.

Make sure to verify that a directory submission site is reputable by checking if its homepage and internal pages are indexed.

Don’t simply submit your website to any random directory website.

When filling out your submission details, be sure to include descriptions, links, photos, phone numbers, and any other required information.

This is the appropriate way to do directory submission.

Just remember that it can take a few months to see results, so patience is the key to achieving the desired outcomes.

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