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Hi, We're TWH, Your SEO Marketing Strategist

The Web Hospitality was founded by Subhash Kashyap, that’s me. Recognized as a prominent independent SEO marketing consultant in India. After failing with many online and offline businesses, I finally started SEO blogging and created my own SEO marketing agency.

Initially, the use of SEO blogging was to help small businesses (local and international) to enhance their online presence through powerful SEO resources. But I didn’t realize when it became a guiding platform for the SEO community (and I also learned along the way).

Why You Need an SEO Marketing Consultant?

Ultimately, Google and other major search engines are upgrading their algorithms day by day for search results.

And, being familiar with these SEO techniques makes an SEO marketing consultant a better choice for enhancing your online presence.

So, is your website fully optimized for 2023? Don’t worry, I can surely assist you in getting your business website’s ranking in the right position.

SEO Marketing Consultant Subhash Kashyap
Results by SEO Marketing Consultant

Struggling With The SEO Marketing Results?

Are you one of those whose website is not ranking in Google SERPs? Then, no problem! You’ve just come to the right page.

If I’m not mistaken, you might already be spending a dedicated amount of money and time on your business website or personal blog.

Still concerned about your current ranking status in Google search results? Then hire me as your SEO marketing strategist and improve your SEO results with my proven techniques.

Focusing on NLP & AI Based SEO Strategy

Being one step ahead of your competitors plays an important role in SEO, and NLP and AI-based SEO are exactly the practices which I use for my clients.

Of course, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based SEO are not a cup of tea for all SEO marketing consultants.

According to Google, it is an essential process to understand the main search term and the surrounding content used for user-intent.

And that needs an experienced SEO consultant to fulfill.

NLP & AI Based Strategy by SEO Marketing Consultant

What Can I Provide You As An SEO Marketing Specialist?

I can assist you with the below SEO expertise. Similarly, a perfect SEO strategy is needed for the right implementations.

Domain Research

Keyword Research

Hosting Research

Website Analysis

Competitor Research

Broken Link Analysis

Canonical Issue Resolve

Keywords & URLs Mapping

Meta Tags Optimization

Heading Tags Optimization

SEO WordPress Plugin Setup

XML Sitemaps Updation

Content Optimization

Google Analytics Tool Setup

Google Search Console Setup

Bing / Yandex Webmaster Setup

Image SEO Optimization

GMB Setup & Optimization

Implement Nofollow Attribution

Content Writing & Marketing

High-Quality Backlinks Creation

Affordable Google SEO Marketing Consultant

Most of the small businesses can’t afford an SEO agency that charges monthly dollars in four figures. That’s where my affordable SEO plans can help you!

Straightforwardly, small business owners are my preferred choice for empowering them with my SEO consultation.

So, what’s stopping you? Let me formulate the right strategy and let’s make it happen!

Reasonable and Affordable Google SEO Marketing Consultant
SEO Marketing Consultant by Google's Rules

SEO Marketing Consultant by Google's Rule

Being a Google SEO marketing consultant, I sincerely play by the rules (From Past to Current) defined by the Google.

Not only this, I follow Google’s latest endorsed guidelines to execute my SEO marketing strategies for higher rankings.

That’s totally right, I implement all the hard and smart work myself working from home in New Delhi, India.

Benefits of Hiring An Organic SEO Consultant

Enhance Website’s SEO Performance: It becomes more convenient to improve your website’s stats when you hire a marketing consultant to enhance SEO performance.

Get Sustainable Rankings: I always craft a successful SEO strategy to make sure your website gets the appropriate ranking positions for the long term.

Boost Organic Traffic: My clients usually see a significant growth in organic traffic after implementing my suggested SEO strategies.

Benefits of Hiring An Organic SEO Consultant

We've Worked on Domestic & International SEO Projects Worldwide

FAQs Before Hiring Me As Your SEO Marketing Consultant

Well, it’s the most frequently asked question by many business owners. But let me clarify it in one word, that is “probably” I can.

Also, Google gives an intelligible warning, not only to me but to any SEO marketing expert out there who gives a guarantee to make your website rank on the first page of Google SERPs, as it’s unethical.

For that reason, I personally do not guarantee or promise first-page rankings in Google search, nor do I make such guarantees to any of my clients who consult with me.

You should hire me to optimize your business website with Google’s latest advice. That’s exactly what I have been doing for all of my happy clients.

What I can definitely do is start implementing my proven SEO techniques to give your business website an enhanced SEO strategy with all my hard work.

If you find any SEO agency or marketing expert that guarantees you a ranking on Google’s 1st page, they are being two-faced. RUN!

Well, being straight to the point, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is used to enhance your website’s organic presence in Google.

If you’re new to SEO, then you can easily understand SEO here.

Investing dedicated time and money in SEO is as important as your business presence, as it becomes the best reward when your website enters into Google’s top organic results.

Although anyone can create a website and invest in Google paid search results to make it visible in Google’s paid listing, that can only work as long as there is money to invest in Google ads. But, SEO is different and long term process like a glory effect as it remains for a long time once achieved.

FAQs After Hiring Me As Your SEO Marketing Consultant

When it comes to Google, it has more than 1000 different ranking signals, which makes it hard to answer in what time frame your website will rank.

And, as per my personal SEO experience, many websites start showing remarkable enhancements strategically in the first 100 days specifically on long tail keywords and around 150 days for competitive key phrases.

SEO does take a long-time but it has that potential which gives best ROI of long-term benefit.

As I’ve mentioned above, SEO is not a short-term service to achieve long-term results.

For instance, winning a race. You need to run till the endpoint to compete or win the race, but if you stop just after a short run, then your website will be left behind. An Indian proverb defines it better like “Jungle Mein Mor Nacha Kisne Dekha”.

Usually, new websites land with zero domain authority, that’s why a new website will take time to obtain trust with Google.

Similarly, yours one too. So, you also need to update your website with some on-page and off-page SEO strategy including high quality content, links, social media presence, fast loading website and more importantly time.

Well, to be honest, there is no secret to my SEO strategy. As a professional SEO strategist, I follow Google’s guidelines on ethical SEO methods to achieve top positions in Google’s organic listing.

However, I have mentioned my one and only top SEO secret in the very first heading of this page. Scroll back to the top and reveal it. 🙂

Ready to Take Your Website to The Next Level via My SEO Strategy?

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