Create Dofollow Backlinks in 2023

Create Dofollow Backlinks

Create Dofollow Backlinks in 2023

Finding solutions to create dofollow backlinks?

Then, it is not the easy task nowadays. As, backlinks are the equivalent of a vote of confidence from other websites.

It’s as if you have other websites vouching for the legitimacy of your website.

Accordingly, it’s essentially like TripAdvisor reviews, they recommend people to your website.

If you need to link to a website you don’t trust, you’ll label the HTML as rel=nofollow. So dofollow links are the colloquial term for good, trustworthy links.

Dofollow backlinks profile can also be seen as rel=dofollow or no any link attribution.

Technically links are automatically dofollow links unless they are made into notfollow links.

Not all links were created equal. The higher the page ranks on Google’s page rank list, the better it considers your link.

To illustrate;

A link to Amazon or sky news or the mayo clinic would be great, a link to tom’s shady deals to steal all your money mwa ha ha – will either be ignored, or negatively affect your page ranking.

Dofollow links are the backlinks that will make your page rank higher in search results. Few of them are below described;

Top 10 Ways to Create Dofollow Backlinks in 2023 for Free

Google News | DA 97

Google News is the top most authority source from where you can get not only a dofollow backlink but also your post get featured on a major news sites.

For same, your website has to get noticed by these sort of big sources. Using Google News is quite simple, even if you’re a starter.

Steps to get dofollow backlinks from Google News;

  1. Go to “Google News Publisher Centre”.
  2. Login with your Gmail. (Gmail associated with Adsense will be much better)
  3. Click on “Add Publication”.
  4. Fill all the required information including your content source.
  5. In the last, click “Review & Publish” and wait for Google’s approx approval time for 14 days.

By applying this to your website will have the advantage of getting a high quality dofollow backlink.

Although there are few criteria in which your website should get fit to be approved for appearance in Google News.

Have a look on my approved publication on Google News which I practiced for my own website to increase its domain authority.

Note – This trick will boost your SEO enhancements, only if you’re posting content on a regular basis.

FeedBurner | DA 95

When you talk about RSS or feed management,

Then mostly bloggers select the FeedBurner as it gives you a custom option to manage your “Really Simple Syndication”.

You can have a chance of your blog source to be picked up by famous news outlet by setting it up and accordingly there will be a dofollow backlink as well.

LinkTree | DA 93

Follow these below steps to create do-follow backlink for free on Linktree;

  1. Visit to
  2. Click on either “Signup for Free” or “Claim Your Linktree”.
  3. Fill your details and click on “Create Account” to proceed.
  4. Set-up your account.
  5. And, add links under the “Links” tab. That’s it!

HubSpot Directory | DA 93

Basically, HubSpot has different-different guidelines for their four main categories of guest posting through which you can build dofollow backlink.

But, that’s the lengthy process you would love to skip for dofollow link. Right?

Then, let me tell you the easy process for the same;

  1. You need to sign up for free certification of inbound marketing course.
  2. After completion of it, you will have an option to directory profile inside HubSpot.
  3. Then, just create your agency profile at HubSpot solutions directory.

Here is the dofollow link of my listed agency on HubSpot which I created for my own website to list it among top agencies and service providers.

Moz | DA 91

As we all know that Moz, formerly SEOmoz, is one of the best SEO tools ever. Moz gives an opportunity to everyone of creating a dofollow backlink by its MozPoints process.

MozPoints are like the reward points for your contributions done in the Moz community by executing blog comments and posts.

Not only, you can get a dofollow backlink from Moz, but also get a change of availing Moz Pro free subscription, Moz t-shirt, access to Q&A section of Moz and much more.

Follow below easy steps to get a dofollow backlink from Moz;

  1. Create an account on
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Start commenting on blog posts.
  4. Reach upto 200-499 MozPoints.
  5. Get a removal feature of “nofollow” attribute from first custom URL in your profile.

Explore below my profile on Moz where I have achieved more than 200 MozPoints to get a dofollow backlink from there.

Note – This feature has been discontinued by Moz.

Podbean | DA 90

If you love your voice then use the new way of marketing – the podcast. Record your audio and post it on Podbean to get a dofollow backlink from here.

Product Hunt | DA 89

Product Hunt is a platform where any user can submit, share and uncover the brand new product or services.

Just go to the website and there will be an option of putting your website link (Will be dofollow backlink). Try it now!

Owler | DA 75

Here are simple steps to create free dofollow link with Owler;

  1. Create your account by clicking on “Sign Up for Free”.
  2. And, list your agency profile with complete details along with website link.

Proven Expert | DA 61

These below steps can help you in generating free do-follow backlink on Proven Expert website;

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Get Started” to register.
  3. Enter your email and click on “Sign Up Now” to proceed.
  4. Fill all the required details and set-up your account.
  5. And, add your business details along with your website link. That’s it!

Digital PR for High DA Dofollow Backlinks

This activity can play a significant role in your backlink profile.

As, Digital PR methods are the most powerful ways to get high quality and high DA dofollow backlinks for your website with ease.

Just find some relevant journalists and start connecting with them. You can do it manually or via tools to find the right ones.

Once you have enough contact details, then send your pitches or stories to relevant media outlets that may feature your insights with a dofollow link.

4 Vital Reasons Why You Should Create Dofollow Backlinks

  • Dofollow backlinks improve your page ranking in search engine results.
  • These backlinks help your content to rank higher for multiple keywords.
  • It ensures your blog more legitimate to Google’s algorithm of creating backlinks.
  • This technique makes your page rank higher that makes you more ad revenue.

How to Create & Find Do-Follow Backlinks Sites List 2023

It’s important to diversify your link sources, because Google only takes into account the first link to each website.

So the more website you link to, the better your page ranks in SERPs.

1. Build Dofollow Backlinks with Adsy

To get more traffic and clients, you need to outperform your competitors.

But how is it possible?

Well, there is a tactic you can use, and it is called guest posting.

With Adsy, you can place posts with your links on relevant sites with real traffic. Thanks to this, you will rank higher on SERP.

But, what if you have a site where you can place content?

That’s great! And Adsy can also help you with this.

You can add your sites and publish content there. With that said, you will not only get paid for doing this but also receive quality content to grow your site.

Moreover, you will get a $10 welcome bonus when registering with Adsy.

2. Profile Creation / Linking

Profile creation or profile linking sites are basically link factories. The idea is simple, sign up to the site, create a profile and post a link of your website.

Now Google will find legitimate profile pages linking to your website, boosting your page ranking in Google’s eyes.

Does profile Creation / Linking actually help your SEO?

Yes. And no. If the site is itself a high quality and authoritative, then it will help you in gaining the advantage.

Dirty Dan’s discount profile ripoffs will not help, if anything, hanging with the bad kids makes Google cross the digital road to avoid you.

I recommend a website called Gravatar. Gravatar helps you create a photo, a digital avatar that will come up whenever you or your site are mentioned online.

Create a profile, pop in your website link and instantly, you have a high quality dofollow link to your website.

Below are several websites that help you find high quality profile links.

S. No. Dofollow Profile Creation Sites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
01 93 75
02 93 69
03 90 63
04 85 59
05 84 65

3. Content Posting

Many bloggers define content marketing as “creating and sharing content (articles, blogs, infographics, videos) for the purposes of driving traffic to your website and moving visitors through your marketing funnel in order to acquire new customers.”

The point is to create lots of link-able content and post it on your blog (you need a blog for your website) and link to it on your social media.

If you create something that people want to share because it’s entertaining, informative or funny,

Then, you’ll be spreading your link as far as you can and Google’s bots see that as the equivalent of 200 positive TripAdvisor reviews.

Content posting can be pretty simple, either create the content yourself, or hire someone else to do it for you. and LinkedIn are the great places to start, you can find plenty of good quality writers for very low prices.

Have a look on below sites to create do follow backlinks.

S. No. Content Posting Sites for Dofollow Backlink Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
01 97 84
02 95 81
03 93 74
04 93 73
05 91 67
06 91 65
07 89 60
08 79 64
09 63 78
10 55 52
11 51 48
12 50 53
13 42 45
14 38 47
15 33 45

4. Social Networking

One of the most effective ways to build inbound links for your website (links on external sites funneling traffic to you) is the YouTube collaboration of link building.

Just as YouTubers collaborate with each other to boost the subscribers of each vlogger, so blogs and websites should reach out to similar sites in their niche.

It’s a win win situation all round.

You will both post links for each other. You can guest post or simply recommend their website to your readers with a quick link.

This will look very organic and natural which is what looks best in link profiles as far as Google – and therefore you- are concerned.

According to my own research, approx 85% of SEO experts use social media to boost traffic and gain links.

By sharing continents in return for your content being shared, you can double, triple or even x10 on the amount of links pointing to your site!

Get the below list of top social sharing sites to create dofollow backlinks.

S. No. Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
01 95 81
02 93 81
03 73 99
04 61 67
05 40 43

5. Business Listing

Business listing is equal to local SEO and it means optimizing your website to improve your ranking and visibility for local searches of any region.

In local SEO, you can target the audience of a specific region, where you want to deliver your services or sell products.

It improves your presence in the local market and helps in improving your local sale.

Here are some key tactics that will improve local SEO for your business:

Create Google My Business account: It is made for the business to maintain its business locally.

This will make your business visible on google maps, that is consist of business address, contacts, website URL, everyone can reach you through Google Maps.

Undoubtedly, this will give your business a good exposure.

User reviews: User reviews play an important role in SEO strategies for your business, It helps in establishing an authenticity about your business among viewers.

A positive review will improve the visibility of your business.

Geotargeted: If you want to improve local SEO services, then target your customers geographically by using local keywords.

Your business area and keywords are also to target city>state>Country accordingly.

Location Pages: You need to add location pages to your website, consist of all information about your products that are listed locally. It provides a map of the local service provider.

NAP: Make sure to display your name, address, and phone number in schema format on your website.

Create Dofollow Backlinks via Business Listing

This is the main factor to improve your local SEO by submitting a local listing for your business.

Quality link building will help your business to target local customers and increase its visibility.

Remember how in the olden days of ten years ago, we used to use phone books? Guess right?

If a company was listed in the yellow pages, you know it was probably a legitimate, trustworthy company. If it was listed in “50 best car companies to buy from” you were halfway sold on using them.

Well, online business directories exist and the more directories you are listed in, the more inbound links you have but more importantly, the more trustworthy your site is to Google.

The more Google sees your website is linked in reputable directories, the higher your page ranks. Bear in mind that many business listing sites will charge you to list your website.

Here is a list of free, legitimate, helpful business directories that will boost your Google page ranking.

S. No. Free Business Directories to Boost Your SEO Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
01 93 72
02 75 56
03 73 56
04 71 59
05 56 62
06 55 61
07 52 58
08 48 50
09 45 44
10 44 57
11 43 56
12 41 53
13 41 47
14 37 39
15 25 41

Let’s Take a Look at Some of The Local SEO Advantages:

1. Local SEO helps your potential customers to discover your business.

A lot of local searches begin from non-locals who are searching for a business like yours, and with local SEO done right, your business can attract that audience.

2. It provides the information to your potential customers that they want to know about your business.

3. Even if your business does not have a website, local SEO helps your business stand out in local searches and helps you to drive more traffic through online leads.

4. 61% of people who did a local search ended up calling the business.

Local search optimization gives potential customers the ability to take this action, and in return, it provides your business with a qualified lead that you can convert.

5. This SEO aspect helps encourage people’s decisions in favour of their business. The more information they have about your business, the more trustworthy your business will be in their eyes.

This sets a strong framework upon which you can build a mutually profitable customer relationship.

Use H.A.R.O. (Help A Reporter Out) for Dofollow Backlinks

Help A Reporter Out more generally recognized as HARO;

Remains a service that connects journalists by a broad range of sources also provides you with the opportunity to acquire beneficial media coverage for your business.

Just make your HARO account after sign up, identify yourself as the Source. HARO sends out several queries by the journalists three times a day.

These queries signify classified into multiple categories that cross many different industries.

Therefore, no matter from which industry you serve, HARO can benefit you get do-follow backlinks for great publicity!

Why should you practice HARO?

HARO remains ideal for the marketing consultants and bloggers who require to build do-follow backlinks in 2023 without sending several annoying outreach mails.

As HARO is broadly utilized, there are queries for every kind of business.

You will get the appropriate pitch opportunity whether you remain an expert at the peak of your game either a new blogger.

Replicate Your Competitors Authentic Dofollow Backlinks

Exploring the most attractive do follow backlinks of the competitors and then replicating those backlinks refers to the best and most time-consuming Dofollow Backlinks SEO techniques.

Replicating the competitor’s backlink strategy signifies nothing but getting a backlink on the domain (where the competitor has got a link already) utilizing the same link building technique that your competitor used.

Simply open the referring page one by one moreover check how your competitor got the backlink on that page.

For example, that might be through blog commenting either author bio link by guest posting, forum links, or anything.

If it’s a backlink in the blog comment section;

Then you can drop your own comment and get a dofollow backlink or if it’s any forum site, just register your account and connect the discussion to get a dofollow backlink.

Use Semify to Build Free Dofollow Backlink

Most people want a list of sites for free easy do follow backlinks and want to be able to punch this out on their own.

But the reality is that you will need to form relationships if you really want to learn how to get dofollow backlinks for free.

Then you need to use Semify to build dofollow backlink. Semify has a very large database of bloggers they all want a dofollow backlink.

All you have to do is simply enter your keyword to find a great match and find a Relevant Story that fits with your content.

Request a relationship with that blogger.

Then validate your Email and after your email signifies validated, they will review your content for ensuring it is link-worthy.

If so, then they will make contact with the author and request that they consider you as a source in their story (only if editorially appropriate) and you will get a dofollow backlink.

Formulate an Even Better Copy (Skyscraper Technique)

Here, formulating an even better copy means just search your niche in Google and collect all the well performing content within Google’s 1st Page.

After having a bunch collection of quality web content, just upgrade it with your master class skills.

For increasing the effectiveness of your SEO efforts moreover boost the search engine traffic, you can just upgrade your already well-performing content too.

The skyscraper technique signifies about finding popular content, creating even a more reliable copy, and getting dofollow backlinks both naturally moreover after reaching out to the appropriate people.

The more do follow backlinks your site has, the more power it gets, which means better possibilities for the page to be visible on the first page of SERPs.

Always a fresh updated popular post gets tons of dofollow backlinks moreover almost doubled the organic search traffic.

How to make high-quality dofollow backlinks by the skyscraper technique.

1. Obtain linkable content.
2. Formulate an even better copy.
3. Outreach to the appropriate sites asking for a dofollow backlink.

One link building strategy including skyscraper outreach remains simple at first glimpse, yet needs SEO expertise, good taste, moreover negotiating skills.

Last But Not Least: Guest Blogging for Quality Backlinks

Guest blogging signifies the method of writing blogs for another website to be published.

It’s a process of getting do follow backlinks from blogs to your own website in the exchange for an article.

These links can be mentioned in several places in the post.

And you could place the link in the body of the specific article anchored to a relevant keyword or phrase.

People usually put links into the author bio attached to the end of the article, further.

Internal links evidence to be more effective because they possess a higher click-through rate as the users to read the blog, preferably once the information has been received.

The specific link you insert on specific target words signifies known as a hyperlink.

Anchor text remains the clickable text that is connected to the actual link. The most reliable anchor text typically utilizes the most relevant keywords to that link.

Therefore, start contributing your blogs to different websites and get as many dofollow backlinks as you can.

FAQs about Dofollow Backlinks

A dofollow link refers to an anchor tag which passes the authority of the origin website to the pointing website.

You can find dofollow backlinks within a webpage with the help of MozBar extension which highlights all the dofollow links in a single web page.

These are the top 10 websites from where you can get free dofollow backlinks;

  1. Google News
  2. Feed Burner
  3. Podbean
  4. Product Hunt
  5. TripAdvisor
  6. SB Nation
  7. Medium
  8. Bloglovin
  9. Strikingly
  10. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

The Bottom Line: Create Dofollow Backlinks

Your link profile is the makeup of all the links on your site. You must have more than just backlinks, or Google gets suspicious.

What is a good link profile?

  • A profile that contains; lots of high quality links, links to sites Google trusts.
  • Brand names in the link; no spam links, or links to a website that has no spam links.
  • Links that are relevant, because random links are seen as a scam.
  • Links that have similar but not exact keywords, which seems more natural.
  • Fresh links that are not too old and a few nofollow links too.

The key is to seem natural and not like you are trying to play the system. So create dofollow backlinks accordingly.

That’s why your links should be spaced out, come from legitimate websites and be surrounded by paragraphs of relevant text, rather than just a jumble of links.

The most important thing?

Be clickable, be shareable – create great content that others will want to share and then the links will build themselves.

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