Verify Wix Site in Webmaster

Verify Wix Site in Google Webmaster Tool

Verify Wix Site in Webmaster

Last updated on July 11th, 2023 at 04:38 pm

Guide to Verify Your Wix Site in Google Search Console

Finding a solution to verify your Wix site with Google webmaster tool? Then follow the below guide on how to add and verify your Wix blog!

Often, many SEO enhancers don’t try to have attention towards it to know how to make their Wix website visible in the eyes of major search engines.

Wix Site is Not Verified in Google WebmasterBut, with the help of this detailed guide, you can verify your Wix site with search console and get it crawled and indexed in SERPs, which results in it becomes found-able on Google.

Steps to Verify Your Wix Site in Google Webmaster

You can find a properly described Google webmaster guide for beginners in my recently published posts to get your hands on the Google Search Console.

And here, I am narrating, how to add and verify your Wix site on GWT or GSC. Deep dive into below step by step instant solution for the same;

Step 1: Visit Google Search Console

Step 1: Visit Google webmaster tool page by clicking the following link and sign-in with your any Gmail ID. See below snapshot;

Google Webmaster Tool Sign In

Step 2: Enter Your Wix Site URL to Verify

Step 2: Choose the URL Prefix property type and enter your unique Wix site address and then click on continue. See the below snapshot;

Welcome to Google Search Console

Step 3: Select HTML Tag Verification Method

Step 3: Click on the expand icon coming next to the HTML tag option under other verification methods to verify your Wix site. That is the only allowed way in Wix. See below;

Option to Verify Wix Site in Google Search Console

Step 4: Copy & Update HTML Tag in Wix Site

Step 4: Go to Wix site dashboard to add the copied HTML tag verification code into the Wix site and follow below as described;

Click on Site Actions ⇒ Edit Site ⇒ Turn on Dev Mode ⇒ Home Page Settings Gear Icon ⇒ Advanced SEO Settings ⇒ Custom Meta Tags ⇒ Add New Tag ⇒ Paste Your Verification Meta Tag into HTML Code Box ⇒ Save & Apply ⇒ And in the last, Publish.

After clicking on publish, Go back to Google webmaster central and click on verify.

Conclusion: Verify Wix Site in Webmaster

After verifying your Wix site in Google webmaster tool, you can add your XML sitemap into Search Console. It is mandatory to make it crawled and indexed your Wix site in SERPs.

If you know such alternate creative ways of verifying the Wix site in Google search console, then don’t hesitate to share it here as it helps SEO community in many ways.

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