Free Classified Submission Sites

Free Classified Ad Posting Submission Sites List

Free Classified Submission Sites

Last updated on April 19th, 2024 at 04:53 pm

Introduction: Classified Submission & Ad Posting Sites

Classified submission sites are quite useful, especially to boost your business ad and get it to reach the local audience worldwide.

Classified Ads Submission is one of the most influential ways to let the world know about your business and services locally and worldwide.

It includes SEO strategies for promoting your website by driving potential buyers, and it can help you generate sales for your products or services.

The internet is where you can find numerous classified sites and directories, from which you can easily display ads for your products or services.

It has also made the submission of classified ads to free classified directories a much sought-after service for website promotion in search engines.

Explore Ultimate Guide to This SEO Technique

The Classified Ads submission service can help generate backlinks and boost a website’s search engine ranking, making it a valuable tool for website promotion.

There are multiple benefits that you can gain from using Classified Ads Submission Services to post your ads for free.

Once your classified ads are posted, your brand will become highly visible to your targeted audience.

Most free classified service users have specific and immediate requirements, providing you with an opportunity to reach prospective customers.

Another benefit of classified ad posting is the free one-way links it provides, greatly improving your website’s link popularity.

If you’ve only been using Google My Business, consider deep-diving into the list below for even more possibilities.

Discover The Different Types of Classified Sites

Classified sites offer a range of categories to suit different needs and industries.

Local Classifieds: Target the local audience and benefit from enhanced local SEO for optimal results.

Personal Ads: Platforms where individuals can post ads for dating or friendship purposes, like eBay Classifieds and Craigslist.

Online Classifieds: Websites enabling users to post ads for a wide range of products and services, such as OLX, Quikr, and Geebo.

B2B Classifieds: Platforms facilitating business-to-business connections for buying and selling goods or services, including Alibaba and United Rentals.

List of Free Classified Submission Sites

So, here we are moving towards the free classified ad posting list of major countries that can increase the visibility of your local business.

Explore below;

Free Global Classified Submission Sites List

You can find a list of 1000 free classified ads sites online, but first, let’s start with these global websites.

Free Classifieds Submission Sites List for USA

free classified ads in USA by using these free classified ads sites.
S. No. USA Classified Ads Posting Websites Domain Authority (DA)
01 94
02 89
03 87
04 85
05 83
06 78
07 64
08 63
09 59
10 55
11 54
12 54
13 54
14 50
15 46
16 45
17 45
18 45
19 39
20 38
21 37
22 33
23 32
24 32
25 30
26 24

UK Classified Submission Sites List

Post free classified ads in United Kingdom.
S. No. UK Classified Ads Posting Websites List Domain Authority (DA)
01 90
02 82
03 74
04 63
05 53
06 52
07 38
08 35
09 32
10 32
11 29

Australia Classified Free Ad Posting Sites

Free classified ads to post ad in Australian websites.
S. No. Australian Free Classified Posting Websites Domain Authority (DA)
01 89
02 77
03 68
04 63
05 54
06 52
07 49
08 46
09 41
10 41
11 35
12 34
13 34
14 28
15 27
16 27
17 26
18 26
19 21
20 20
21 19
22 18
23 17

Top 10 Free Classified Ad Posting Sites in India

Explore free ads posting sites for classified ad submission in India along with top 10 classified websites.
S. No. Free Classified Submission Sites List in India 2024 Domain Authority (DA)
01 89
02 78
03 70
04 65
05 65
06 55
07 48
08 45
09 45
10 44
11 35
12 33
13 32
14 32
15 32
16 30
17 28
18 27
19 27
20 24
21 23
22 17
23 16
24 15

Canadian Free Classifieds - Post Free Ad in Canada

S. No. Classified Ad Posting Websites in Canada Domain Authority (DA)
01 89
02 87
03 63
04 55
05 52
06 50
07 46
08 44
09 43
10 36
11 35
12 34
13 33
14 32
15 23
16 23
17 18

UAE Dubai Classified - Free Ads Posting Sites

S. No. Classified Ad Posting Websites in Dubai UAE Domain Authority (DA)
01 89
02 64
03 33
04 32
05 32
06 26
07 24
08 23
09 23
10 23
11 21
12 19
13 18
14 18
15 14
16 14
17 13

List of Free Advertising Sites (Job Ad Posting Sites)

LinkedIn | DA 99

LinkedIn is another most popular free job posting site for corporate profiles and one of powerful social media sites.

Though, the company also provides paid posting.

Moreover, the title of the job and geographical location determine the cost of a job posting.

Indeed | DA 90

Indeed is a job posting site that enables employers to quickly and easily post job ads for free.

Job seekers can also create their own Indeed Resume, which employers can search through to find potential candidates.

Glassdoor | DA 90

Glassdoor is an online job site and employer review website.

It used to offer employers the option to directly post jobs on its platform, but after partnering with Indeed, this feature is no longer available.

Instead, Glassdoor directs users to Indeed where paid job ads are displayed on both platforms.

Jooble | DA 88

Jooble is a job search engine created with the sole purpose of helping you find your desired job.

You can find all available job postings, vacancies, and current openings on Jooble.

Have you heard of anything like this before?

You can expect to find many job vacancies in the USA on Jooble, not because it is the largest job site or a leading world employment resource, but because of Jooble’s unique operational features.

Like any other search engine, Jooble does not compile all the information in its own database.

Instead, it searches for the information and does it much better than any other search engine. | DA 71 is India’s top job posting site, with almost 20 million live jobs at any given time.

It is currently the number one online job posting site in India and is extremely popular among job seekers and companies alike.

In addition to job postings, job-seekers can also benefit from career guidance and resume writing services available on

TimesJobs | DA 57

TimesJobs is an excellent job ad posting site, with over 15,000 job postings on its website.

All the job postings are well-classified, which makes it easy for job seekers to find the jobs they are interested in.

Online & Offline Classified Ad Submission

Free online advertising sites for classifieds are definitely worth a try!

Classified ad submission can be done both online and offline, depending on the business requirements.

Online classified ad submission offers the same functionality as offline classified ad submission, with the added benefits of being easier to perform and more affordable.

By submitting classified ads online, you not only save money but also a lot of time and energy.

Additionally, in many cases, your classified ad submission will also be submitted to other classified sites for free or at a small cost, providing even more benefits at a low expenditure.

Some of The Benefits of Classifieds:

  • Classified Ads are easy to use.
  • Ads Submission enables you lists your website in local classified sites.
  • Free Ads help people drive direct customers from the local marketplace.
  • Effective Classified Ads Submission helps business owners get worthy backlinks.
  • It helps in conferring to the customers via a long-term content marketing strategy.
  • Inner pages/products of a website are also allowed in classified ads to promote.
  • Classified advertisements improve search engine ranking.
  • Open up a global market for your products.
  • Helpful in enhancing website traffic & most of the classified sites are free.

How to Submit Your Classified Ad

  1. Find high PA and DA Classified Ads Submission sites.
  2. Register and complete all details if required.
  3. Click “post ad” after sign-up.
  4. Choose category and sub-category.
  5. Add title, description, image, contact details, and product/service link.
  6. Ensure accurate details.
  7. Click “submit” and verify ad through Gmail if necessary.

Key Considerations for Effective Classified Ad Posting

When selecting from the free classified submission sites list of 2024, it’s crucial to consider the following factors for optimal results:

1. Choose The Best Free Classified Submission Site

Selecting the right free classified platform that caters to your specific needs is vital.

Ensure the site aligns with your business category to leverage backlinks and drive increased traffic to your website.

2. Craft an Engaging Ad Title

After finding the ideal classified submission platform, create a captivating ad title to capture customer attention.

The title plays a vital role in making a powerful impact on the audience.

Research suggests that a well-crafted title can generate a 60% higher impact on classified ads.

3. Select The Appropriate Category

Choose the relevant product category to reach your target audience and maximize the benefits of your ads.

Posting under an unrelated category will hinder effectiveness and limit your reach.

4. Write a Concise Product Description

Provide a short and relevant product description to attract buyers.

Avoid lengthy descriptions that may lose customer interest. Ideal product descriptions range from 50 to 70 words.

5. Utilize Keywords and Links

Incorporate appropriate keywords and links to boost your website’s search engine ranking. Keyword planners can assist in selecting impactful keywords for better visibility.

6. Include Relevant and High-Quality Pictures

Enhance ad visibility by uploading high-definition pictures of your product. Ensure the images are authentic and natural, avoiding animations or excessive editing.

7. Promote Your Classified Ad

Increase the visibility of your classified ad by sharing it on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Promoting your ad on crowded social media channels can yield remarkable results for business promotion.

Comparison: Classified Sites With and Without Registration

In terms of reliability, classified sites that require registration are considered more trustworthy compared to those without registration.

With a registered classified site, potential buyers find it easier to trust the listings, ensuring a smoother process.

On the other hand, if you seek a quick and hassle-free experience, a classified site without registration is the ideal choice.

While registration-free sites are quicker to use, those with registration may involve additional verification steps before your listing goes live.

Regardless of the type, both classified sites can effectively reach your target audience.

The Historical & Interesting Facts about Classified Ads

  • In 1763, classified ads were known as “Want” ads.
  • is the first online classified site founded in 1995.
  • The worldwide market of online classified ads reached $100 billion in 2003.
  • 50% businesses started using online classified ad posting by 2005.
  • Now, it has become the part of business growth of almost 83% of companies.

FAQs about Classified Submission

Classified submission refers to the process of submitting your business advertisements into various classified websites.

Classified posting in SEO is an activity which is used to post your business information into classified sites and getting a high quality backlink to your website.

Searching for “Where to post free classified ads?” then below are some of the well-known classified sites where you can post your free business ads.

  1. Ebay
  2. Craigslist
  3. Sulekha
  4. Vivastreet
  5. Gumtree
  6. Locanto
  7. Free Ads Time
  8. Quikr
  9. Olx

Final Thoughts

I hope the above list of free classified submission sites or Post free classified ads in USA is sufficient to make your classified ad reach a large audience worldwide.

Post your business or local classified ad with the help of the entire checked and verified list of classified websites provided above.

Start expanding the presence of your favorite products.

Hiring an SEO marketing person can also save you valuable time.

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