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Image Submission Sites

Ultimate Guide To Submit Image in Image Submission Sites – Image submission or sharing is an off-page SEO activity. Uploading or sharing any image file into any image submission or sharing site is called image submission or sharing.

In other words,

Image submission means placing your site image on different sites to interact with people and it helps in creating quality backlinks and get referral traffic to your website.

The image submission is a SEO method which provides you a platform where you publish or upload your digital photo. Image sharing website is a service where you upload, manage or host your images publicly or privately.

Images are more effective as comparative text. As images give a great impact on users and it is the best way to tell people about your brand and business on the Internet.

When you post an image with an ALT tag it is very useful for your website. It will tell you about your image and it is very useful for Google to crawl your image.

In alt tag, always try to use the targeted keyword with the relevant information.

Why Submitting Image is Needed?

Image submission or sharing is required for “Image SEO” to get crawled and indexed any website’s images into search engines.

It is used to call Image SEO just because images do not get crawled or indexed by search engines as crawlers can not read images until they have alt tag optimization for any image.

A good image submission must contain these following aspects

1. Proper Image Selection

The image that you choose for submission must be fresh and should not be copied from somewhere else or have a watermark on it, or else the image sharing websites won’t accept the pictures.

2. Proper Image File Format

The image file format is essential when you are looking out for a great search engine optimization result. The image file format that is commonly used in image submission is JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

3. Image Optimization

Image optimization must be done correctly so that the quality of the image is not compromised and the image is perhaps reduced. This helps a lot at the loading time of the picture on a website.

4. Alternative Text

It has been seen that most of the time we used to neglect the alternative text which hampers the SEO result in the long term. Try to add a good alternative text as per the image.

5. Image Description

The image description is equally important as it helps you to define the image. The Proper image description is necessary for SEO to work efficiently.

Although, an image can also be submitted in infographic sites if it is quite amazing.

You can post your images on many image submission sites such as Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest to get effective SEO results.

Moreover, there are some ways to share your links and images on Instagram as well.

Steps for Image Submission

  1. Find the image sharing sites having high Domain Authority and that provide links.
  2. Register on those sites by using your Username, Email Id, etc.
  3. Now, activate your account.
  4. Upload your image along with your website URL and Title.
  5. Click on the Submit button. After that, you will get a link by submitting your image

Image submission or sharing way in those sites in which account registration is required.

Step 1 – Go to website and find login/registration page, then create an account . You can choose login via third party as most of the image submission or sharing sites have login facilities like login via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter & etc.

Step 2 – After sign in, you can upload any image file with supported format in respective image submission or sharing site.

Image submission or sharing way in those sites in which account registration is not required.

Only Step – Select your any image file with supported format and click submit and get your approved link for image submission or sharing.

Explore below the top Image Submission Sites and start your submitting your image.

Top 10 Image Sharing Sites List 2023

Here is the list of free and top image submission websites to use for image sharing in 2023.
S.No. Top Free Image Submission Websites 2023 DA PA Submission Sharing Year
01 97 97 2002
02 95 79 2002
03 95 100 1997
04 95 81 1996
05 94 100 2000
06 94 95 2009
07 94 80 1995
08 93 100 2004
09 93 77 2005
10 92 62 2012

High DA PA Image Submission Websites List 2023

Here is the list of high DA free dofollow image sharing sites list to use in 2023.
S.No. List of High DA Image Submission Websites DA PA Submission Sharing Year
01 93 81 2004
02 92 80 2005
03 92 75 2008
04 92 67 2006
05 92 100 1998
06 92 82 2009
07 92 67 2006
08 92 95 2003
09 92 97 1999
10 91 62 2005
11 91 65 2003
12 91 77 2000
13 90 66 2001
14 90 90 2005
15 90 67 2007
16 89 73 2004
17 89 62 2009
18 88 65 2010
19 88 71 1999
20 87 100 2006

Top Photo Sharing Platforms for Image Submission

S.No. List of Best Image Submission Websites DA PA Submission Sharing Year
01 87 67 2014
02 86 70 2004
03 86 66 2004
04 85 68 1999
05 84 70 2008
06 84 61 2006
07 83 69 1999
08 83 78 2000
09 82 60 2010
10 82 64 2008
11 81 50 1999
12 79 62 2002
13 78 69 2011
14 78 65 2006
15 78 63 2009
16 77 96 2007
17 77 69 1999
18 76 61 2003
19 76 72 2007
20 75 64 2002
21 74 64 2005
22 74 64 2001
23 73 59 2008
24 67 60 2000
25 64 59 2004
26 61 58 2005
27 58 57 2004
28 54 53 2006
29 54 60 2005
30 50 58 2004

More Useful Image Posting Sites List

S.No. Picture Submission Sites List DA PA Submission Sharing Year
01 96 85 1997
02 94 95 2009
03 85 67 2000
04 79 63 1996
05 79 61 1996
06 65 54 2006
07 62 54 2000
08 60 51 2005
09 57 54 2006
10 41 28 2008

Share Your Photos & Get SEO Benefits

  • You can share photos with unlimited uploads.
  • It helps in getting quality backlinks for your website.
  • Also will help you to get good traffic to your website.
  • Extra benefits of social media enhancement.
  • Gain more business exposure.
  • Option to store and share free photo of family and friends.
  • Images play significant role in content marketing.
  • Increase your website domain authority.
  • Image, sharing will help you to attract visitors to visit your website.
  • Great link building strategies.

FAQs about Image Submission

Image submission refers to uploading an image into various sites to create high quality backlink and gaining referral traffic from there.

Image submission is an SEO activity which is used to upload an image into respective sites. It helps in generating high-quality backlink to your website.

Image submission in SEO is important because it gives you an opportunity to create backlinks from high authority sites and drive traffic to your website as well.

Final Thoughts

I am damn sure, using this SEO practice of image submission will make your business reach to the relevant and targeted audience.

Not only this, but it also gives a few remarkable high quality backlinks. Keep in mind the above guide while sharing an image on a regular basis which builds the audience.

Hence, you can surely make a blast, after having a good number of followers on these complete list of image sharing platforms.

If it’s still seems to be difficult task for you, then connect with SEO marketing consultant at TWH and let me do it for your business or personal website.

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