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Best WordPress Plugins & Top SEO Tools to Explore in 2024

Are you aspiring to find the best SEO tools to get more traffic to your website? There are several tools by which you can boost your traffic.

For instance, with the help of SEO tools or plugins you can show your user some attractive offers when leaving your website.

Also, you can make them stay longer on your website by simply showing inline-related posts.

As well as try the email option to capture their leads either use some WordPress traffic-boosting plugin or tools.

Moreover, you can enhance your site’s SEO also do competitor analysis to better rank on the SERP.

If you understand SEO, you already understand how SEO benefits you to get a more favorable SERP ranking. The better your ranking, the better traffic you get.

Social media can be also a great source of traffic if you comprehend the value of social sharing platforms.

All these are reasonable ways to get higher traffic on your website.

However, the question is, which SEO plugins or tools should you use.

As there are a lot of WordPress plugins & tools that can benefit you skyrocket your traffic as well as user engagement on your website.

But getting the right one is critical.

I will help you to pick the right SEO plugins & tools before that you need to know what exactly is SEO plugin & SEO tools.

With the above-mentioned information in mind, In this article, I have presented the best SEO plugins and tools you require to leverage.

Several of these tools present standard features, so I would describe which tools are better accommodated for different applications.

So let’s Begin…

What is an SEO Plugin?

An SEO plugin remains an extension for websites that enables you to perform search engine optimization (SEO) tasks for your website.

These tasks cover editing parts of your site’s code structure, therefore it’s easier for search engines to crawl as well as index your site.

Why WordPress Websites Need SEO Plugins?

A holistic way to SEO rotates around three keys to success:

  1. Create a great possible experience for users visiting your website.
  2. Keep the search engines satisfied by clearly communicating with them.
  3. Make a good online reputation.

Proffering both user’s & search engines’ happiness while building your website’s reputation remains easier said than done.

It exerts an accurately planned SEO strategy full of the appropriate tactics & tools.

That tools section is where SEO plugins come in. SEO plugins will assist you to implement the tactics that include your larger SEO strategy.

A strategy that builds the best possible experience for users visiting your website, uncovers the lines of communication with search engines as well as help you strengthen its reputation.

Let’s take a glimpse at the best SEO plugins to enhance your website’s ranking.

Top 10 of The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

Only the best collection of SEO plugins can work miracles for your website. I recommend not one, not two, but ten plugins that will surely benefit your website!

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO remains one of the most popular SEO plugins, moreover, it’s the number one comparatively and easy to examine.

It evolves packed with great features out of the box to assist you to produce search-engine-friendly content that remains easy to read.

For example, Yoast SEO adds one meta box to all your pages including posts, which allows you to efficiently set your focus keyword, canonical URLs, meta description, and many more.

Moreover, its readability analysis will benefit you to optimize your posts by practical suggestions for copy development.

Key features include:

  • Advanced XML sitemaps, robots.txt & .htaccess file
  • Breadcrumbs control option
  • Easy setup option for Schema markup
  • Title & meta description templates
  • Focus keyword implementation
  • Support for ‘noindex’ content
  • Access to free Yoast courses
  • Language support
  • Support for various webmaster tools verification
  • SEO data speedup optimization

2. WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket Plugin is a premium caching plugin with three payment plans offered.

One of the reasons, I prefer the WP Rocket plugin so much, that is because of its easy user interface as well as the quick setup.

Even, any beginner could sit down as well as understand most of the settings involved of this WordPress caching plugin which has the power to make your website blazing fast.

It’s also helpful that WP Rocket is made to run smoothly by eCommerce websites, viewing as how those are often the kinds of sites that require the caching speed most.

Key features include:

  • WP Rocket presents a developer-friendly experience.
  • Also a dashboard for beginners to seem comfortable.
  • Database optimization included for cleaning up your WordPress database.
  • Easy removing the number of resources being not utilized.
  • The plugin has a remarkably simple setup for all users.
  • Lazyload your every media with WP Rocket.
  • WP Rocket combines with some of the best multilingual plugins on the market.
  • Cloudflare compatibility is implemented for speeding up your website even more.
  • Multisite compatibility remains offered through the plugin.
  • You can preload cache.
  • You receive tools for both minification & concatenation.
  • Support for object caching.
  • One unique feature includes the optimization of Google Fonts.

3. WP Smush Plugin

Active on above 1 million sites, Smush continues, by the numbers, one of the most popular image optimization plugins.

There’s a great reason for that – it allows you to optimize unlimited images for free utilizing Smush’s servers (not your own).

There are few boundaries on that, however, that’s still pretty generous, moreover not something you find often.

Key features include:

I’ll begin with the key features of its free version:

  1. Automatically compress images including lossless compression.
  2. No lossy compression for free.
  3. Pick which thumbnail sizes to optimize.
  4. Automatically resize the image dimensions.
  5. Lazy load images concerning faster initial page load times.
  6. Strip EXIF metadata.
  7. Bulk optimization of 50 images at the same time.
  8. Optimize images into external directories.

Moreover, if you upgrade to its paid version, you’ll also acquire these features:

  1. Utilize lossy compression.
  2. Serve images from the CDN.
  3. Convert & serve WebP images.
  4. Automatically bulk optimize all old images.
  5. Automatically convert PNGs to JPEGs.
  6. Back up the original image.

4. Insert Header and Footer Plugin

The Insert Header and Footer Plugin remain a straightforward SEO plugin that enables you to include code to your website header as well as footer.

It begins with over 900,000 active installs. Quite a large number! It is easy to install & set up this header plugin.

You can add codes such as Google Analytics, Custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, and many more. It is conveniently available in almost 13 languages.

Therefore, whichever language you require, you can have one of the best SEO plugins in that very language (from the provided set of 13 languages entirely).

Key features include:

  • Easy to install & set up.
  • It is one of the open-source Website header plugins.
  • Including scripts is quite easy.
  • Easy & user-friendly interface.
  • You can include code for Facebook Pixel, Custom CSS, Google Analytics, etc.
  • It enables inserting code or script for JavaScript and HTML also

5. Broken Link Checker Plugin

The Broken Link Checker Plugin screens as well as tests every single inside connection and helps you to fix the terrible connections to enhance SEO.

Moreover outside connection on your website searching for the broken connections for better client experience.

Besides, it notifies you either through the Dashboard or through email.

Key features include:

  • It monitors external links as well as internal links in pages, posts, blog comments and so on.
  • Identifies links that don’t work, missing images as well as redirects.
  • Make broken links display separately in the posts.
  • Notifies you either through the Dashboard or through email.
  • Stops search engines from following the broken links.
  • Links can be also edited directly from the plugin’s page.
  • You can search moreover filter links by URL, anchor text, and so on.
  • Highly configurable.

6. 301 Redirects Plugin

The 301 Redirects Plugin remains one WordPress redirect plugin that can be efficiently utilized for 301 redirects on your site.

It benefits to manage the 301 & 302 redirects of your site. This is one of the top SEO plugins that benefits to sustain the overall SEO scores.

This plugin can be extremely helpful for your site to rank higher with search engines.

Furthermore, this plugin can also improve the visitor experience of your site.

Consequently, it can also assist in a better user experience for your site. This SEO plugin can be utilized to avoid sending 404 error pages to the users.

The 404-page errors remain not what your audience requires to see.

Therefore, using this plugin will assist you to prevent disappointing your site visitors with the 404 web pages. This plugin can also be helpful to re-organize your WordPress content.

You can easily maintain all your website redirects from the specific Settings tab in the admin dashboard utilizing it.

Key features include:

  • Set up a custom destination URL.
  • Import/Export bulk redirects.
  • Super fast redirection.
  • Grasp query strings across redirects.
  • User-friendly redirect stats.

7. Table of Contents Plugin

The table of contents plugin enables users to create a table of contents that can be added to any page either post of your website.

This table of contents plugin also helps to build a multi-level table of contents that is fully customizable.

In short, it is the SEO plugin which lets users create a content-specific index of their content including shortcodes.

Customize your table of contents including different sections, positions, titles, sidebars, as well as headers, defined by your page either post content.

You can determine the table of contents utilizing div/span tags or CSS classes & not just by h1 / h2 tags.

Add a table of contents plugin to your website to assist your site users easily navigate between various sections of your content as well as improves their overall experience.

Key features include:

I’ll begin with the key features of its free version:

  1. Automatically generates a table of contents for your posts moreover pages.
  2. Customization available for various sections & headers, defined by your post either page content.
  3. You can utilize shortcodes.
  4. Support for a multi-level table of contents that is fully customizable.
  5. You can also create a table of contents utilizing div/span tags or CSS classes.

And, if you upgrade to its premium version, you’ll also acquire these features:

  1. Define the table of contents through tag, class, and id.
  2. Collapse TOC (table of contents) on page upload.
  3. Support for multiple pages TOC.
  4. Insert TOC on a specific location utilizing a shortcode.

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP Plugin)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages remains a freemium plugin that allows unlimited features for optimizing the speed of your website for mobile visitors.

The plugin presents different setting features like adding Google Analytics tracking id, integrate SEO plugin, add advertisement on your post, and several more.

Moreover, the plugin allows 4 different pre-built themes for the AMP site.

Additionally, it fully supports Divi, WPBakery & Elementor. This SEO plugin also presents a page builder to build your AMP pages.

It presents different extensions to take your AMP page to next level. This plugin includes Contact Form 7, bbPress, etc.

Though, to access the extensions, you require to upgrade to the premium version.

Key features include:

  • AMP WooCommerce support.
  • Translation and RTL ready.
  • Excellent user support.
  • Social media integration.
  • Unlimited color scheme.
  • Convert web pages to AMP.

9. Wordfence Security Plugin

The Wordfence Security Plugin remains one of the most widespread WordPress security plugins, moreover for good reason.

This gemstone pairs simplicity including powerful protection tools, like the robust login security features as well as the security incident recovery tools.

One of the foremost advantages of the Wordfence plugin signifies the fact that you can gain insight into overall traffic trends as well as hack attempts.

Wordfence Security WordPress plugin has one of the major impressive free solutions, including everything from firewall blocks to protection from brute force attacks.

Though, a premium version remains sold starting at around $99 per year for individual websites.

The plugin creators likewise make it more affordable for developers, presenting steep discounts when you signup for multiple website keys.

For example, if you purchase 15+ licenses, you’ll receive 25% off or $74.25 per license.

Overall, it gives to consider Wordfence if you’re developing multiple websites moreover want to protect them all.

Key features include:

  • Its free version remains powerful enough for smaller sites.
  • It possesses a full firewall suite including all tools for manual & country blocking.
  • Also support for real-time threat defense, brute force protection & web application firewall.
  • Developers can save tons of money while they signup for multiple site keys.
  • The scan portion of this plugin fights off real-time threats, malware, and spam.
  • Moreover, it scans all your files for malware, not only WordPress files.
  • Access option to sign in including your cell phone as well as password auditing.
  • Monitors live traffic, logins, logouts, human visitors, moreover bots.
  • It controls your plugins.
  • The comment spam filter removes the requirement to install a separate plugin for it.

10. MonsterInsights Plugin

The MonsterInsights plugin remains the best SEO plugin for WordPress websites.

Moreover, it’s likewise a great SEO tool that you should be utilizing on your website as a component of your marketing strategy to see astonishing results.

The more you understand regarding what’s happening on your website, the more you’ll acquire how as well as where to apply your SEO endeavors.

Key features include:

  • Shows easy-to-read analytics reports at your WordPress dashboard.
  • Connect to Google Search Console moreover track your site’s top keywords.
  • Displays you where your users continue coming from.
  • Insights for where users go on your website, your top content, moreover a ton more.
  • Inspect your eCommerce SEO performance through tracking.
  • Tells which products remain the most popular.
  • As well as how all products are functioning.
  • Provides you reports on your mobile traffic including Google AMP.
  • Track the best outbound links from your site to see which ones users are clicking on.

Now, Let's Start for SEO Tools

What is SEO Tool?

An SEO tool presents you with alerts as well as data about your website’s overall performance.

As such, they can benefit you get opportunities to improve your SEO as well as weaknesses that restrain you from ranking higher.

Why Should You Use SEO Tools for Your Website?

SEO tools rescue you from tedious keyword research & data analysis.

Including these tools, you’re capable to see what’s working moreover which components of your strategy could profit from some tweaking.

The best SEO tools plus provide reports regarding how you measure up to competitors as well as where the biggest opportunities lie.

What’s more, they enable you to measure search performance regions, countries, or languages.

It gets better. If you’re managing more than one website, SEO tools can benefit you evaluate each site’s performance on the fly.

Several entrepreneurs with multiple sites end up putting a lot of data in spreadsheets &analyzing it manually.

However, that soon becomes overwhelming as well as boosts the risk of the reports being inaccurate.

Fortunately, you can utilize SEO tools to save hours of effort moreover generate specific reports at a click.

When it proceeds to a ruthless SEO battle, the most very that tools can get you are to the front gate. Consider utilizing these powerful SEO tools to be the star of this battlefield!

Top 10 Recommended SEO Tools to Use for The Websites

Now, let’s take a glimpse at the best SEO tools to enhance your website’s ranking and make your website be prepared for 2024.

So let’s begin again…

1. Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool is one of the most extensive keyword research tools that you can utilize. (The Best Among All)

With it, you can look up keywords moreover get traffic estimates regarding them.

Most importantly, it can assist you to figure out how competitive keywords signify based on their Google Ads price.

To evade overwhelming you with information, this SEO tool lets you filter keywords out according to the Cost-per-Click (CPC) either search volume.

In this method, you can get reports based just on the estimates you require to aim for.

Overall, the Keyword Planner tool offers much of the likewise functionality we’ve noticed from other SEO tools on the list.

The difference signifies that this one is a component of the Google ecosystem, moreover, you can get amazingly accurate reports for free.

Key features include:

  • Get the search volume for any specific keyword you require.
  • It also works when you don’t know about even single keyword.
  • Facility of getting keywords by putting the website link only.
  • Have the accurate reports for specific keywords.
  • Determine any keyword’s competitiveness according to its CPC.

2. Google Search Console (Formerly Webmaster Tool)

The Google Search Console tool is a set of services that you can utilize to figure out how the specific search engine views your site.

This service provides you with a wide collection of free SEO tools, covering a lot of different aspects of optimization.

For instance, the Google webmaster tool allows you to check out any crawling errors that possess occurred on your site so you can correct them appropriately away.

It can additionally point out when your website signifies affected by malware, what keyword phrases users are utilizing to find your website, the backlinks you’ve received, and many more.

The various features this SEO tool offers make it near essential if you’re concerned regarding your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.

There’s a sharp focus on Google results here, however, don’t worry.

If you can rank properly on Google, the possibilities are high that you’ll likewise do ideal in other search engines.

As far as truly utilizing this tool goes, the Google search console (Previously Known as Webmaster Tool) is extremely simple to understand.

It’s also very easy to add your website moreover get started, therefore there are no reasons to evade it.

Key features include:

  • Monitor how Google sees your website.
  • Stay on top of any crawl, meta tag, or sitemap errors.
  • Maintain track of what keywords visitors are applying to reach you.
  • URL inspection tool which gives index and non-index version information.
  • Update your robots.txt file.
  • Get alerts if your website is infected by malware.
  • Search results containing clicks, impressions and average position & CTR.
  • Monitor your website’s backlinks.
  • Website page experience signals for current status.
  • UX report for Core Web Vitals.
  • Easiest way to disavow links to your site.

3. Google Analytics Tool

The Google Analytics Tool remains web-based analysis assistance provided by Google that benefits users track traffic, website reports, as well as conversions.

Through tracking all the before-mentioned information, users can acquire to understand what is working for their business as well as how they can accomplish their goals.

The analytics tool is integrated by AdWords for promoting the products or services to drive sales as well as ultimately helps in the growth of the businesses.

Key features include:

  • Google Analytics intelligence provides you faster answers regarding your analytics data.
  • As well as it helps in uncovering your insights to understand how the website is performing.
  • Data analysis moreover visualization aid in data access, filtering.
  • Moreover, manipulation, segmentation, funnel analysis, and many more.
  • Analytics includes the audience, acquisition, behavior, conversion, user flow &, real-time.
  • Also all other types of reports that one needs.
  • Smart integration including Google ads, display & video ads, search ads.
  • More connectivity of Google Cloud, Google AdSense and Search Console.
  • Configuring APIs, data import, custom variables as well as user access controls.

4. Google Trends: Search Trends Checker Tool

The Google Tends remains a tool offered through Google that enables you to see the popularity of a topic either keyword over a given time.

This makes it feasible for you to understand which have a consistent amount of interest moreover which ones are diminishing.

Key features include:

  • View an accurate search term’s popularity over the last year or even as far back since 2004.
  • Popularity metrics concerning related terms are displayed on the results page.
  • View all the specific search term’s popularity throughout the world, country, province & city.
  • Subscribe to individual searches, furthermore receive email updates regularly.
  • Compare various keywords against one another.

5. Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

The Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool offers several data analysis moreover optimization tools. All of its tools are involved in the same pricing plans.

This signifies that you don’t have to worry about missing out on critical features.

Additionally, you’ll have access to the Ahrefs Academy, an online knowledge base allowing a broad variety of learning opportunities.

One of the main features you’ll have access to signifies a content research tool.

By this, you can utilize keywords to find out what related content has worked the best on social media sites either in organic searches.

The Ahrefs tool also adds a comprehensive dashboard, therefore, you can maintain track of all your projects.

You’ll also be capable to find content related to your specific target keywords moreover filter the results to highlight sites that have not linked to you previously.

Since Ahrefs crawls above 5 billion web pages per day, you’re assured to gain valuable insights through its data.

Key features include:

  • Investigate your competitors’ organic search rankings and backlinks.
  • Search Traffic index that possesses 489 million keywords arising from 155 countries.
  • Find valuable insights from one competitive analysis tool.
  • Access a broad database of information.

6. Semrush Site Audit Tool

The Semrush Site Audit Tool remains a keyword research tool that allows you to get data regarding how many users are looking for specific terms.

And, on top of that, it additionally equips you with information on similar keywords, product listings, related ads, moreover a lot more.

Simultaneously with being an exceptional keyword tool, Semrush can additionally offer information regarding your competitors’ strategies.

For instance, it can tell you how much traffic they’re getting, how much of that comes from paid ads, moreover what their backlinks are.

If you’re the sort of person who loves doing keyword research, you require an SEO tool like Semrush in your arsenal.

By this, you’ll be capable to figure out exactly what keywords will provide you the best outcomes for your efforts moreover check which terms your competitors continue ranking for.

This service also allows you to glimpse into your competitors’ text as well as media ads, which can save you big money when it proceeds to test.

But, keep in mind that all of this data means the learning curve including this service can be a bit sheer.

Key features include:

  • Research the specific value of specific queries.
  • View your competitors’ text as well as media ads.
  • Get information regarding other websites’ backlinks.
  • Check out what keywords your competitors continue ranking for.
  • Moreover, it lets you know how much organic traffic a website is getting.
  • The important part of this tool is “Backlink Audit”.
  • It enables you the facility of getting bad or toxic backlinks with ease.
  • Content analyzer, link building prospects & position tracking are the key features of it.

7. SEO Tools from Moz Pro

Moz is a set of SEO tools designed to assist you to tackle optimization utilizing a data-driven approach.

To provide you a quick overview, Moz is somewhat similar to SEMrush, in that it allows you to research both particular long-tail keywords as well as other domains.

You can utilize this information to evade keywords with limited potential moreover to improve on what your competitors continue doing.

When you see into a keyword utilizing Moz tools, it will tell you a difficulty score that shows how challenging it will possibly be to rank for that term.

Additionally, you get an overview of how many users are searching for that phrase, moreover, you can also create lists of keywords for clear comparison.

These are all features that you’d expect from a reputable keyword research tool, although Moz stands out thanks to a highly intuitive interface.

What’s so unique about Moz’s tool is that the platform allows a Chrome extension you can utilize to get information on any of the domains you visit.

Furthermore, it can present suggestions regarding on-page optimization as well as alert you regarding crawling errors, much similar to Google Search Console.

Key features include:

  • Analysis of how competitive a keyword is, and its search volume.
  • Investigate your competitors, including which keywords they’re targeting.
  • Get suggestions on similar keywords.
  • Utilize a Chrome extension to see into other domains without moving to the Moz website.
  • Get on-page optimization suggestions as well as error alerts.
  • Compare multiple keywords utilizing custom lists.
  • One more important feature, it tells you the DA (Domain Authority) of your website.

8. Ubersuggest's Free Keyword Tool

Ubersuggest, from Neil Patel’s site, remains a highly flexible research tool that lets you search through domain or keyword.

It shows you keywords, traffic, as well as advertising data in an easy-to-read graph when you will enter any domain in its search box on the tool page.

Also, you can view the top SEO pages for every domain as well as review relevant keyword suggestions based on recent trends moreover search volume.

Key features include:

  • Search trend data for every keyword.
  • Backlink data including ranking probability scores.
  • SEO & advertising difficulty scores.
  • Keyword analyzer, competitive analysis & SEO explorer are the key features of it.

9. Alexa Ranking Tool

Alexa SEO Tools remains one of the best SEO tools that you can utilize for the better global internet engagement of your website.

The Alexa is an Amazon company that signifies primarily focused on website ranking as well as traffic estimation.

However, it also offers the best SEO tools.

The specific SEO tools in Alexa’s Marketing Stack assist you to get better outcomes from search engine optimization.

And, the keyword tools, as well as SEO checkers, make it easy to find possibilities to drive more extra organic traffic.

Key features include:

  • Competitor backlink checker.
  • Competitive keyword matrix.
  • It tells you keyword opportunities breakdown
  • On-page SEO checker.
  • Keyword difficulty tool.
  • Get similar sites by audience overlap
  • Site audit tool.
  • Find top industry topics by social engagement.

10. Help a Reporter (HARO) - The Best Ever SEO Tool

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) remains an SEO tool that connects journalists with expert sources concerning news articles & other content.

Their database covers over 75,000 journalists as well as bloggers and over one million sources.

HARO is a great resource to tap into while you are looking to build high-quality links into authoritative publications.

I have been personally using H.A.R.O. since 2019 and its impact is totally out of this world.

Key features include:

  • Free access to media opportunities via email.
  • An extensive listing including all industries.
  • Over 75,000 journalists in the database.
  • Pitch any journalist as per your suitability.
  • One approved pitch will take your SEO efforts to the next level.

To Conclude: SEO Tools & WordPress Plugins

I hope this article benefited you to find the best SEO plugins and tools for your website and moreover to your personal blog.

As there are several SEO plugins & tools in the market, however, you don’t require all of them to get your hands on it.

You can pick the plugin or tools that best suit your SEO necessities.

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