Chrome Extensions for SEO

List of Top SEO Extensions by Googel Chrome for Marketers

Chrome Extensions for SEO

Last updated on December 15th, 2023 at 12:51 pm

Explore Google Chrome Extensions for SEOs in 2024

Looking for Chrome Extensions for SEO to take your online marketing to the next level? Then read on to know which are the best google chrome extension that you should use.

Since it was launched way back in the year 2008, Google Chrome has evolved a long way.

Google Chrome has reformed how we utilize the internet with its simple user interface, tight security, as well as amazing versatility.

It’s of no wonder then, that Google Chrome remains now one of the most widespread web browsers out there.

In fact, as of September 2019, Google Chrome accounted for nearly 70 percent of the specific global desktop internet browser market share!

Including more than a billion users as well as over two billion installations globally, Google Chrome is leading the pack moreover winning by a HUGE margin!

Apart from its user-friendly design as well as fast browsing speed, Google Chrome is popular for its remarkable extensions which enhance its productivity & usability.

These little bits of software, identified as Chrome Extensions, are the significant reason why Chrome has grown as a crowd favourite also continues to utilize its dominance.

But what specifically is a Chrome Extension?

What is a Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extensions remain nothing but small software add-ons that you can plug into your Chrome browser to boosts its functionality.

Created by companies or solo developers from almost all around the world.

Each Chrome Extension combines a completely new feature to your browser or transforms an existing functionality.

How to Install a Google Chrome Extension?

Installing any extension to Google chrome browser is very easy:

  1. First, go to Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search for your aspired Chrome Extension with its name.
  3. Once you’ve got your desired Chrome Extension, then just click on it

And, you will see an “add to Chrome” button on the right. Just click on the button, and that extension will be added to your chrome browser within a few seconds.

Why SEO or Digital Marketers Require Chrome Extensions?

The job of an SEO or digital marketer is not so easy, to state the least.

Each marketer deals with too many stuff like optimizing the website, creating campaigns, handling social media, working on newsletters and much more.

Moreover, making sense of analytics- digital marketers signify a busy bunch.

This is why several digital marketers turn to Google Chrome Extensions to make their tasks easier in comparison to other ones.

Utilizing the right Chrome Extension can remarkably enhance your workflow to the period that you might not even require your heavy-duty marketing software!

Impressive, right? Let’s quickly dive into a few of the best Google Chrome Extensions there are for SEO and digital marketers.

List of Google Chrome Extensions for SEO & Digital Marketer

Do you know that there are almost 200,000 Google Chrome extensions out there?

Few of them are marvelous, some of them are pretty good, while the majority are below par.

Finding the amazing ones from a sea of extensions could take up a lot of time, which is why I’ve curated the BEST Chrome extensions out here for you!

Note that these Google Chrome extensions are not only for digital marketers to utilize and take advantage of.

Aside from marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, brands,- anyone can utilize these Chrome extensions to make their work easier.

Moreover, get ahead of their competition. Therefore, without more ado, let’s get begun!

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO Content Writing

Below is a list of top chrome extensions that you MUST adopt to optimize your online website content.

1. Grammarly

Content remains a vital part of website optimization. It is very easy to write articles, however, it takes a few efforts to incite people with your words.

It necessitates years of practice to convey essential information while not signifying boring at the same period.

This is where the Grammarly Chrome extension can help you!

This content extension is used to make sure that your content possesses a clean writing style moreover is credible in a specific audience’s eyes.

Grammarly not just checks your grammar although also makes your content more readable as well as engaging.

You don’t want to lose traffic through uploading poorly written content by typos!

2. Google Translate

If you have international customers or clients, then this extension is essential for achieving maximum profitability.

This Chrome extension enables you to browse through specific international web pages if you require to view additional information moreover dig deeper.

This chrome extension remains a time saver when it arrives in multiple languages moreover global reach.

3. Project Naptha

How many times have you seemed frustrated because you could not copy text from an image?

If you have endured hardship, then you are going to like this Chrome extension. Project Naptha enables you to highlight & copy text that exists in the form of an image.

By this extension, you can copy text from any image moreover use it however you require.

4. Feedly

This Extension remains incredible for content writers as it enables feature different topics by dividing them into folders with information at your fingertips.

You can pick the topics you need to follow, and you will get a daily feed as per your interests.

This SEO extension makes sure that you remain up to date with the new content as well as news articles.

With Feedly, you don’t require to spend hours browsing through the internet for information that you need.

5. TL;DR - Article Summarizer

TL; DR signifies an abbreviation for “too long, didn’t read.” While we browse for any information, we don’t have time to read a long article.

This extension shortens the content for you so that you can have an idea of the topic in the discussion.

What’s great regarding this content writing extension signifies that you can pick three different lengths for each page that satisfies your requirement, i.e., 25%, 50%, 70% of one original content.

This Chrome extension also sustains other languages than English, i.e., French, Spanish, and German.

6. Hashtest

Hashtags act as how your content gets found on social media sites like Instagram & Twitter.

This is why this is important to utilize relevant hashtags within your posts to reach a wider audience and enable your awesome content to be seen.

Hashtags can become tricky though.

Utilizing super-popular hashtags makes your content get lost in a sea of content while utilizing super-personalized hashtags indicates your content will hopefully not get discovered.

The key remains balance, which is Hashtest comes in.

Hashtest discovers the best hashtags while you type, by real-time color-based quality scores, with the green meaning “best hashtag” moreover black meaning “useless”.

Hashtest directly studies your hashtags based on a ton of info points and provides you only the best hashtags.

Top Chrome Extensions for SEO & Marketing Metrics

Following is a list of best SEO metrics Chrome extensions for making your work easier moreover help you to optimize your webpages.

These SEO chrome extensions will likewise help to rank your websites higher on Google.

7. Alexa Traffic Rank

If you desire to rank your site on Google, you require to analyze traffic as well as overall website performance.

This chrome extension presents you with a quick traffic report of your website moreover its overall performance on the search engine.

Aside from traffic, you can additionally see other SEO metrics like the number of links, load time, etc.

8. MozBar

MozBar benefits you with keywords by giving data about diverse keywords and if they remain easy or hard to target.

It gives you a performance bar on Chrome that you can use to edit as well as analyze page authority, domain authority, moreover first impressions of your website.

9. VidIQ

SEO entails you to rank your website content on various platforms, including YouTube. VidIQ remains a great extension to understand your YouTube SEO metrics.

This extension allows you to get information regarding your videos as the number of views, comments, likes, keywords used as labels, number of shares across social media, number of links, etc.

This Chrome extension gives you all the required information within seconds to keep you up among your competition.

10. Check My Links

Creating links remains a crucial SEO metric. However, for maximum optimization, your links must be authentic also not broken.

This Chrome extension analyses your web pages and highlights links that are live moreover the ones that are broken.

You can further cache the information to speed up specific next sessions.

11. Keywords Everywhere

If you are one keyword enthusiast, Keywords Everywhere remains a fast method of checking search volumes without possessing to open your website.

After you download it on your Chrome, anything you search on Google will be investigated by the extension, which will present ‘Related Keywords’ & ‘People Also Search For’.

Furthermore, Keywords Everywhere presents the search volumes moreover CPC for every related keyword.

Google Chrome extensions like this will make your work easier.

12. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is likewise a useful optimization platform with an intuitive as well as user-friendly interface.

It allows digital marketers to understand all of the major SEO metrics, like SERP analysis, optimization audits, keyword difficulty, URL comparisons, social stats, and many more.

And, when it comes to your online marketing strategy, it is vital to take benefit of all the tools at your disposal so that you can react quickly as well as accordingly.

SEOquake has infinite opportunities for what data you can uncover.


Accomplishing in marketing indicates that you are constantly looking for new leads.

But, it can get moderately time-consuming, getting the email addresses of high profile people on the internet. remains an excellent Chrome extension that allows you to find the email addresses of anyone from all across the world.

You just need to simply type in the person’s name & website domain, moreover, will acquire your emails utilizing its aggregator.

Not sure if it’s the right email? even presents a confidence score that defines the accuracy of the stated email.

Simultaneously with the email addresses, you can additionally find out the social profiles, job titles, and phone numbers, presenting as a vital medium for your digital marketing toolkit.

14. AddToAny for Social Sharing

Social sharing is the 2nd most used technique while executing search engine optimization activities for better enhancements.

But, with AddToAny extension, you can perform the same in less time.

As, it gives you a healthy list of social sharing sites and moreover an easy sharing option for your website or any web page.

Top Chrome Extensions for SEO Optimization in Website

In this digital era, your website presents the first glance into your brand.

Also, first impressions are lasting! Below I have curated the best website optimization extensions to improve SEO.

15. User-Agent Switcher

If you are exhausted from testing web pages while developing, then this extension could be what you require.

With this tool, you can shift between user-agent strings moreover set up URLs.

This extension also signifies helpful if you imply developing for both desktop & mobile and need to test the website as promptly as possible.

16. Web Developer

This Chrome extension holds a lot of helpful developer tools that can help you browse through web pages.

Some of the features cover images, outline, content, information, resize, etc.There remains a tool for each action that you require to take to transform your webpage.

17. Firebug Lite

If you are looking for an extension that visually represents DOM elements, HTML elements, and Box Model shading, then this is the perfect extension for you.

This extension also adds CSS editing features that you can utilize for a better perspective as well as inspection of your website.

18. Tag Assistant

It is a Chrome extension that will help you with Google tags, furthermore also suggests improvements by your meta tags.

This chrome extension also covers Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads conversion tracking and can identify tag errors as well as recommend solutions.

19. Wappalyzer

It is a very compelling extension if you need to analyze your website thoroughly.

It provides a complete overview of the website traffic, JavaScript framework, performance, as well as content management.

This extension also allows you to see what your competitors are performing for their website SEO.

20. Drag

For those who usually work with a team, Drag remains a great Chrome extension that transforms Gmail into a shared inbox, presenting it accessible to all.

With the help of Drag, you can transform your Gmail into organized lists of tasks as well as share your inbox with the team in Trello-like boards (Kanban layouts).

No more “cc-ing” within team members as Drag makes all your work done under one roof.

Drag converts your inbox into a CRM, marketing platform, project management tool, help desk, task manager, and many more!

Moreover with real-time chat built-in, doing work together signified never this easy! If you consume a ton of time in your inbox, Drag is worth working out.

Top Chrome Extensions for Website or App Design

One of the several creative parts of website optimization remains the design of the interface.

To boost organic traffic, you require to make sure your user interface is visually appealing as well as attractive.

Yet, people often get taken away when it gets to colors and designs moreover end up with a horrible-looking website.

I suggest making sure your website is elegant & chic! On that note, here are the best website design Chrome extensions that you should use.

21. ColorZilla

This tool can assist you with the CSS gradient as well as create color palettes for you as per your choice.

It will help you to pick a color from various pages as well as maintains a history to make everything easier.

22. WhatFont

Are you confused regarding what font to apply for your website?

Well, don’t be because this chrome extension can assist you to identify fonts that you like on various websites.

It tells you what font other website designers are applying moreover also its size and line-height to get a better idea. It is a real-time saver extension!

23. Page Ruler

With the help of this extension, you can measure the objects on your websites, including various elements & text.

This chrome extension allows you to draw a ruler on a web page moreover check its elements as well as graphics.

Besides the feature of “Element Mode,” you can view moreover measure each element on the webpage separately.

24. Eyedropper

Just like the name hints, Eyedropper enables you to pick your favorite colors from web pages of different web designers.

It allows you to save time as you just pick the color from other web pages rather than spending hours trying to get a perfect blend.

It additionally stores your history so that you can save colors that are suitable to the interface of your site.

25. Pic Monkey

Do you like any picture on any webpage, still don’t want to edit it for hours?

If so, then this is a great Chrome extension for you to grasp and edit images from any web page spontaneously.

It is one of the quickest as well as friendliest photo editors that each website designer must apply.

You can also convert images as well as upload them on social media within a few seconds.

Furthermore, there are multiple effects, fonts, overlays, and texts that you can play with.

26. Boomerang

Determining the best time to send an email is essential for marketers who are trying to retain their audience.

Boomerang chrome extension will help you up to your email game by enabling you to schedule emails to be sent & returned at a later date.

Just create emails now as well as schedule them for a later date, also when you are not online.

Marketers can likewise track messages for making sure you hear back from your customer or prospect moreover can even schedule the reminders directly inside Gmail.

You can likewise track email opens by Boomerang’s cross-platform read receipts plus know whether your audience read your message or not.

The foremost purpose of writing an email remains to get a response.

This is why, Boomerang possesses a built-in AI assistant called Respondable that predicts the possibility of your email getting a response.

It likewise explains that analysis in an easy-to-understand method moreover helps you build better emails!

Wrapping Up: Chrome Extensions for SEO Marketers

What all Google chrome extensions for SEO enhancements did you use the most? SEO and digital marketing can be tough. Right?

Among so much content striving for people’s attention, reaching out from the crowd moreover getting your audience interested remains a tough job.

This remains why even the most inadequate edge can get you ahead in the messy, crowded online stratosphere.

Google Chrome extensions enable you with that much-needed increase in productivity moreover provide you the functionality of some top-of-the-line software tools.

Moreover, you can explore these tools to check and enhance your website SEO score.

I hope, it covered here all about the SEO extensions, if I forgot any best chrome extension then you’re most welcome to share it in below comment section.

I will be happy to hear. Good luck for adapting these SEO extensions!

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