Free Infographic Submission Sites

List of Free Infographic Submission Sites

Free Infographic Submission Sites

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What is Infographic Submission?

Infographic submission sites can be very useful for generating quality infographic links.

The infographic submission is an SEO activity which is used for sharing a graphic visual of information, data or knowledge into an image form.

It is an essential off-page SEO technique that leverages informative data sharing in the form of infographics to improve search engine optimization.

Ultimate Guide To Infographic Submission Sites

When you closely examine the word ‘infographic,’ you will realize that it is a combination of ‘information’ and ‘graphic.’

An infographic is a creative and informative graphic content that can help users discover your content through graphics.

Infographic submission is an effective and recent technique used for search engine optimization through social media.

Infographics are a type of graphical representation that presents information or data in an integrated manner.

Moreover, these are increasingly used on the internet for information sharing and link building purposes.

By combining quality graphics with informative data, you can create an appealing infographic that presents interesting information.

What Infographic Submission Sites Do Need in An Infographic?

A good infographic must contain these following aspects

  1. It tells story, because everyone likes the story.
  2. It should be well structured, otherwise, it will not work.
  3. Very accurate and well researched, rather than a common one.
  4. Defines clear message, so that user can look out it deeply.
  5. and finally, it should have proper flow and design of the content.

Subsequently, before that, you must have a clear idea of the following points:

  • First of all, choose a topic, and do the deep research on that topic.
  • Secondly, find your target audience, because it enables high potential customers.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, Get your goals: compare, awareness, timeline, story-based, process, etc.
  • Define the medium, so, you get clear indications that where and how you want to share it.
  • You can define the journey, history, comparison, make charts and collect appropriate images that clearly justify your infographic with content.
  • And in the last define the tone: educate, entertain, inspire or persuade.

Types of Infographic

  1. Visualized Article
  2. Flow chart
  3. Timeline
  4. Verses infographic for a comparison
  5. Number information
  6. Useful Baits

Explore below the Infographic submission sites;

Top 10 Free Infographic Submission Sites List for 2024

Here is the list of top infographic sites where you can promote your infographics.
S.No. Free Infographic Submission Websites List DA PA Year
01 95 86 2002
02 94 97 2009
03 93 100 2000
04 92 95 2003
05 92 91 2005
06 92 84 2008
07 92 83 2005
08 86 71 2001
09 81 58 2010
10 59 52 2009
11 53 53 2011
12 51 75 2006

Infographic Sites List for Free Submission & Business Promotion

Submit your infographic in these websites to boost your business reach.
S.No. Free Infographic Submission Websites List DA PA Year
01 95 82 1996
02 94 100 2000
03 93 99 1999
04 89 66 2009
05 82 63 2003
06 55 52 2011
07 50 53 2000
08 45 47 2011
09 44 45 2012
10 40 49 2009
11 37 42 2014
12 33 48 2010
13 28 45 2013

High PR Infographic Submission Sites of High DA

Explore this new list of high PR sites and submit your infographic to the high DA websites to enhance referral traffic from high authority sites.
S.No. High DA Infographic Websites to Submit DA PA
01 57 55
02 57 48
03 43 49
04 41 37
05 40 49
06 36 41
07 33 46
08 33 40
09 31 46
10 29 47
11 29 41
12 28 51
13 23 39

What Are The Requirements of Infographic Submission Sites to Submit Infographic?

  • Firstly, the list of best infographic sites.
  • Secondly, title of image (Up to 70 Characters & Eye catchy)
  • Thirdly and most importantly, Image must be related to your project (Informative With your Project URL In It.)
  • Moreover, Description with anchor text (Up to 150 Characters)
  • Tags (3 to 4)
  • Then, the second last thing to consider, The Website URL
  • and in the last, Keywords for anchor text

Steps for Infographic Submissions

Only Step – Go to website and find login/registration page, then sign up.

You can choose login via third party as some of the infographic submission sites have login facilities like login via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter & etc.

Step 2 – After sign in, do complete your profile, then you can submit your infographic in your niche category.

Most importantly, don’t forget to save your Inforgraphic as publicly to share it with your circle and for indexing as well. It is quite similar to image submission.


  • The image should be informative & appealing for users, so that they cann’t stop themselves by sharing it.
  • It must be saved with the keyword. Because if you use “12btsabb218.png” this sort of name it will destroy you SEO performance.
  • The author’s profile should be complete in infographic websites, for the reason that, a blank profile can give a negative affect.
  • Also, Use related tags properly.

Can Infographic Submission Services Amplify Your Message?

Yes, infographic submission services have the potential to amplify your message effectively.

By utilizing these services, you can leverage the power of visually appealing and informative infographics to captivate your target audience.

Infographics are a highly engaging form of content that simplifies complex information, making it easier to understand and share.

When professionally submitted through specialized services, your infographics can reach a wider audience across various platforms, increasing brand visibility and driving traffic to your website.

Additionally, these services often have established connections with reputable websites and platforms, which can enhance the reach and credibility of your infographics.

Through strategic distribution and promotion, infographic submission services can help you effectively communicate your message and achieve your marketing objectives.

How Do Infographic Submission Sites Work?

Infographic sites operate through a straightforward process.

After creating an engaging and visually appealing infographic, content creators upload their work onto these platforms.

Typically, they provide essential details such as a title, description, and relevant tags or categories to accurately represent the content.

Once submitted, the infographic goes through a moderation process to ensure compliance with the site’s guidelines.

Upon approval, the infographic becomes publicly accessible on the platform, allowing users to view, share, and embed it on their own websites or blogs.

How to Optimize Infographics for Search Engines?

To increase the discoverability and visibility of your infographics, it is essential to optimize them for search engines.

This involves incorporating relevant keywords in the infographic’s title, alt text, and description.

Additionally, optimizing the file name and format can enhance the chances of search engines indexing and ranking your infographic higher in search results.

Here are some compelling tips to enhance your infographic submissions;

  • Designing visually appealing infographics.
  • Providing accurate and credible data sources.
  • Optimizing infographics for mobile devices.
  • Ensuring easy sharing and embedding options.
  • Monitoring and analyzing performance metrics.

Benefits of Using Infographic Submission

  1. With text over the images, consequently, it will help a person to summarize whatever you want them to know.
  2. The infographic format enhances the content marketing strategy.
  3. It is eye-catching and easy to understand.
  4. Helps in the marketing of your product, to gain more boost.
  5. Makes the subject interesting due to less use of theory and more of images.
  6. Easily shareable, because if its interesting people would love to share it with their network.
  7. Great for your website ranking as it gives quality infographic links.
  8. Proves your worth in the market, as the amount of information you put in the infographic.
  9. Moreover, it will showcase your research and knowledge about the product.
  10. And lastly, it can surely drive a massive traffic to your website.

The Historical & Interesting Facts about Infographics

  • Infographics were appeared for the first time in 1626.
  • Peter Sullivan’s infographics influenced the use of more infographics.
  • In 2000, infographics became the part of content marketing.
  • 56,765 tweets were made in March 2012 for the hashtag #infographic.
  • 21st century has become the marketing example of infographics usage.

FAQs about Infographic Submission

If you’re looking solution for “Where or how to make an infographic?” then below are some of the known tools where you can learn and make infographics for free.

Even, you can get free infographic templates as well.

  1. Canva
  2. Piktochart
  3. Visme
  4. Venngage
  5. Infogram
  6. Snappa
  7. Adobe Express

If you want to maximize the visibility of your infographics online, there are several submission sites that you can use.

In addition to the popular options like, Slideshare, Flickr, and Pinterest, there are also many other niche sites that cater to specific topics or industries.

It’s worth researching these sites to see which ones might be a good fit for your content.

To find out more about each site’s domain authority and submission process, simply scroll up for detailed information and links.

Simply, go to any infographic submission website and click on login or signup. After login, click on submit button and fill all the required field.

Well, I have also mentioned above some detailed steps for this most asked query of “How do I submit an infographic?”.

To maximize value from infographic submission prices, choose reputable providers with transparent pricing, a strong distribution network, comprehensive services, and insightful reporting.

Prioritize quality over cost to achieve desired reach and engagement.

Yes, there are several infographic sites where you can submit your education infographic. Some popular options include, Infogram, and

These platforms specialize in hosting and sharing infographics, providing a dedicated space to showcase your educational visual content.


I hope this list of over 30+ infographic submission sites is helpful for you.

Additionally, you can share your infographics on social bookmarking sites to reach a wider online audience.

In my opinion, this SEO practice is essential for businesses and bloggers to maximize their audience reach.

Consider including this activity in your SEO implementation or hire me as your SEO consultant to enhance your online business presence.

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