Website Redesign Checklist

Website Redesign Checklist SEO Considerations

Website Redesign Checklist

Last updated on December 15th, 2023 at 12:57 pm

Explore Website Redesign Checklist to Consider in 2024

Are you planning to redesign your website to incorporate new technology and don’t want to lose your current SEO rankings?

Then you’re just a few necessary SEO steps away from sustaining your SERP rankings during the redesign process.

Redesign Opportunities to Improve

First of all, the website redesign should meet the users’ requirements and offer opportunities to improve the website over time.

It is also important to consider that not all of the requirements can be included in a single design, as they may change periodically.

Checklist for Website Redesign or Revamp

You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt frustrated with your website and wondered, ‘What kind of action should I take?’

This kind of problem is common among website owners, as it’s difficult to maintain a website without making upgrades and improvements over time.

So, with no more discussion, explore this website redesign checklist guide, which will help you in many ways.”

Inclusion of "Call to Action" in Header Section

When redesigning your website, it is extremely important to include a call to action in your header section.

A call to action refers to any action you want your website users to take, such as adding your contact email, phone number, or subscribing to your service.

Explore the detailed image below to understand some types of calls to action.

Call to Action Redesign Checklist

Adding social sharing options can also be the useful call to action like adding link to Facebook profile, Twitter and Instagram link to boost SEO.

Website Redesign's Welcome Part

“Welcome Part” should be placed just after the sliding banners, as it does increase more user engagement than the current one.

In the same above, you can put some content that is purely relevant to your webpage.

Improvisation in Website Page Speed

I’ve clearly mentioned in my recent post about SEO beginners guide, that a user takes 8 seconds to decided to stay or not on your website.

So accordingly, you need to speed up your website for better user interactions.

Proper 301 Redirection

This is the 1st major factor to consider from the SEO point of view.

As you might be worried for your website visitors who would be visiting your website via already created high quality backlinks on various platforms.

Having a proper 301 redirection withing your entire website pages will make you sure for sustainability in SERPs ranking.

404 Error Page Setup

This is the 2nd major factor to consider from the SEO point of view. Don’t neglect to set up an effectual 404 page before uploading the redesigned site.

Website Redesign Checklist 404 Error Page Setup

Because, all the current users will be visiting your website through the pages on the site that have just been moved or deleted.

SEO Elements in Redesigned Website

To take SEO ranking advantages in SERPs, Meta tags information should be exactly restored in all pages respectively in the redesigned version of the website.

  • Like meta title, description and heading tags should be the same as earlier.
  • Nofollow tag to be placed in all external links.
  • The name of all the images should be same as current to maintain ‘Image SEO‘.
  • Inner file and folder name should not be changed, until it’s necessary.
  • Introduce your various profiles on social media platforms.

Webmaster Codes to Implement

To track the website performance, all the important verification and tracking codes to be exactly restored in all their respective pages.

  • Webmaster verification code (Google, Bing, Yandex) should be restored.
  • Google analytics tracking code to be placed in all pages.
  • Dynamic ads & tracking pixels code to be restore like as current.

Conclusion: Website Redesign Checklist

I hope you have enough ideas to explore through this above guide to make your website redesign checklist a powerful one.

Although, still need an extension of development team? Then get in touch with HubSpot web design experts on-demand.

Moreover, in the last, you can try these ways to increase your website traffic!

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