Build a Brand Strategy for Business

How to Build An Inclusive Brand Strategy

Build a Brand Strategy for Business

Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 05:18 pm

How to Build An Inclusive Brand Strategy for Your Business

Branding is the process of helping consumers recognize a company based on their experiences with it.

This activity aims to help businesses target, position, as well as execute their portfolio in ways that will benefit society.

When they invest in branding, they can generate customer loyalty, create credibility, and attract top talent in the industry.

When focusing on branding, business owners must adopt inclusive brand practices to consider all forms of diversity within their organizations.

This strategy refers to companies providing opportunities to underrepresented individuals in all of the advertising campaigns.

Means that they welcome differences in socio-economic status, mental abilities, spiritual beliefs, and gender identity to ensure that all types of audiences can relate to them.

When they attach inclusivity to their promotional efforts, businesses can develop product features and campaigns that resonate with a broader audience.

This branding approach will allow them to offer their employees and target customers a welcoming space.

As a result, they can encourage their existing clients and investors to have a stronger connection with their brands, helping them gain a competitive edge.

This article will provide you with some tips on how to build an inclusive brand strategy.

Create An Accessible Website

Web accessibility is developed with technologies and tools that cater to users who have disabilities, improving search engine optimization (SEO).

By making a website accessible, bloggers ensure that all their visitors will have a positive user experience (UX) as they navigate their information.

When a website is available to all users, it can expand its market penetration while avoiding discrimination and serious complications.

When creating an accessible website to promote inclusion, you must check your site’s web accessibility using an online checker and install a browser extension.

After that, you must rethink your content structure to enable SEO and accessibility.

Then, you must add easy-to-read alt text for photos, use the right colors, allow keyboard navigation, and organize your headings correctly.

Hire A Diverse Workforce

Workforce diversity includes a set of unique characteristics that workers have which doesn’t affect their performance.

This approach means that businesses accept differences in religious beliefs, race, gender identity, and physical abilities.

When companies promote a diverse workforce, they are likely to gain resolutions for their problems and have less employee turnover.

While promoting workforce diversity, you must hire diverse candidates to expand your talent pool and gain more creative employees.

You can showcase this inclusive brand strategy by writing job descriptions that promote an all-inclusive workplace to attract more talent.

Then, you have to choose a diverse interview panel to make candidates more comfortable during the hiring process.

Moreover, you should remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process using data-driven decisions.

During this process, you must develop a list of possible repercussions once an employee misuses gendered wording.

On the other hand, you may reward diverse referrals when workers refer talent from under-represented groups to encourage more applicants.

Organize Diversity Training

After hiring diverse employees, you must run diversity training to educate other staff about this new initiative to promote sensitivity.

The primary purpose of this activity is to improve the awareness of your team about inclusivity by giving them knowledge of appreciating differences with their co-workers.

Once you run this training, you can help your workers foster healthy interpersonal relationships, which increases collaborative efforts.

Before conducting diversity training, you must consider the availability of your employees, especially those who live in remote areas.

For example, you may consider providing them with advanced tools or offering multiple scheduling options to accommodate others if they have poor internet connectivity.

Then, you must make the training modules available in different languages and make them accessible for those who have auditory and visual disabilities to make them feel included.

When organizing workplace diversity training to create inclusive branding, you need a clear idea of what this program must entail.

Doing so will allow you to guide your employees during the process so they can all engage in respectful interactions while avoiding discrimination.

Also, you must build an integrated approach by using various methods like discussions, lectures, and blended and hybrid exercises to reach all your staff.

Run In-Depth Market Research

Market research is the act of collecting details about the needs and preferences of clients.

This process can help businesses segment different markets and define their buyer personas when used in branding.

In turn, they can convey tailored messages to diverse demographics rather than focusing on the general audience.

When organizing inclusive market research, you must consider factors beyond typical demographics rather than prioritizing specific groups over others.

For instance, you should make your questionnaires available in different formats so those participants with poor connections can still access them.

Alternatively, you must also adjust your assessment scheduling to accommodate other availabilities from customers in other cities.

As you run an in-depth market analysis, you will monitor demographics like gender identity, race, ethnicity, economic factors, as well as reading proficiency.

You may collect this information by sending sample surveys to your ideal customers and reviewing their newsletter subscription details.

If possible, you can establish a diverse outreach network to help you get in touch with prospective research contributors.

Publish Inclusive Content

Inclusive content marketing means businesses prioritize creating campaigns that welcome all types of audiences.

Companies producing this type of media can empower diverse members of different communities by reducing cultural bias.

As a result, their branding efforts will become more effective as they resonate with their target customers.

When creating inclusive content, you need to review the data you gathered from your market analysis.

Based on those insights, you must be wary of the visual media you publish and use the proper pronouns as you communicate with your audience.

In addition, you must make your content accessible by ensuring that each link you insert is correctly described in other formats.

You must be honest if your organization has ever failed to be sensitive to marginalized groups.

Then, you have to identify where you’re at regarding topics of representation and inclusion to plan new goals so you can create more inclusive content.

During this process, you should ask for recommendations from your employees, especially the ones who are part of different societies.

Celebrate Differences

Traditional celebrations are the main elements of any culture and religion.

These events may include a harvest festival, Christmas, a national observance, or a religious holiday linked to their identities.

When companies celebrate differences to give their employees empathy for different groups, they show that they care about them, reducing employee turnover.

To celebrate differences within your workplace, you must create a cultural calendar where employees can add their special events.

Doing so will notify your human resources (HR) team on how to properly plan corporate gatherings to celebrate their festive activities or offer them paid leave.

Moreover, you can dedicate a quiet or prayer room to give your staff a space to reflect and meet their religious duties, boosting their morale.

In addition to celebrating cultural differences, you must develop a support staff advancement program so diverse employees can advance in the company.

This process may include introducing them to a broader network and teaching them the practical knowledge they need to compete for higher job positions.

When you adopt this strategy, you assure them there will be no racial and gender bias as they aspire to new roles.

Be Authentic

As entrepreneurs adopt inclusive branding, they might face challenges that confuse their workforce, stakeholders, and customers.

For instance, they might only adopt this strategy by including someone from an underrepresented group, which might insult some audiences.

Instead of being considered authentic, these customers might feel like these companies are using inclusivity as a marketing tactic to gain more sales.

To avoid being labeled as fake by the industry, you must ensure your initiative’s authenticity in promoting inclusivity within your organization.

Rather than publishing paid ads with a marginalized group member, you have to hire more individuals with different backgrounds.

Once you do so, you can generate new ideas and various perspectives as you develop an inclusive promotional campaign.

After that, you must learn the distinctions of your ideal audiences as well as adjust your messaging to their preferences, like typical demographics.

With that, your target customers and ideal candidates will witness you embracing their differences rather than taking advantage of minorities.

As a result, you might encourage them to support your brand and inspire them to create user-generated content (UGC) on social media.

Key Takeaway

As a business owner, your top priority is to provide your employees and clients with positive experiences with your company.

Thus, you must consider following these strategies mentioned above in building an inclusive brand.

Once you do so, you might lessen employee turnover, encourage customer loyalty, generate qualified leads, and increase your market share.

So, take the initiative step now to improve and do your best every single day in order to make your customers believe in your brand!

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