What is Anchor Text?

What is Anchor Optimization

What is Anchor Text?

Last updated on August 8th, 2023 at 12:50 pm

Introduction to Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable and visible text in link form which points to another URL within the same website or to the different sites.

More importantly, it plays a remarkable role in content marketing strategy.

It’s also very essential in SEO while setting up a hyperlink text to ensure you have link relevancy, which means that the page you are linking to is related to your page.

If anchor text is highly relevant, then chances are for website traffic enhancement.

A Common Format That is Used for Anchor

<a href= “https://www.thewebhospitality.comseo-beginners-guide-learn-step-by-step-tips/”>SEO Beginner’s Guide</a>

Anchor Text Explained

Generally, it indicates the clickable blue colour underlined text pointing to a web address or document.

Although, you can change this web standard color of these blue displayed hyperlinks which appear in the content through HTML or CSS code.

Different Types of Anchor Text

There are 5 different types of anchors: Branded anchor, Generic anchor, Image anchor, Exact match anchor, Partial match anchor.

So, without more further definitions, below are some of the variations that you can consider in search engine optimization;

Branded Term

These anchor tags use the brand name as text.

What is Brand Anchor Text

Generic Match

These below anchors indicate a call to action.

What is Generic Anchor Text

Image Anchor

Alt-text is the anchor for an image. Any link placed on an image indicates it.

Exact Match

These texts focus/target keyword as the anchor. Below example states exact match anchor;

What is Exact Match Anchor Text

Partial Match

It uses keyword variations as anchor, i.e. adding words before and after the primary keyword phrase. Below example describes it better;

What is Partial Match Anchor Text

Best Practices for Anchor Text Optimization

  • Keep clickable variables relevant to your content.
  • Use a low keyword density.
  • Avoid linking to spam sites.
  • Avoid keyword-rich anchors in internal linking.
  • The right distribution of its placement.
  • Write relevant guest posts.

Final Thoughts with Conclusion

Anchor text in SEO plays an important role in the SERPs ranking algorithm. Through this article, I recommends below scenario for it’s optimization.

Many experts used to tell that having a link on generic match should be continued more in comparison to exact match anchors.

Whereas others, like me, love to share that producing backlinks with mixture of these above all sorts of anchors which guarantees the safe side.

Well, I hope this guide helped you to understand it in detail. So, guys, do use more different types of it’s and with surrounding words as well.

If you consider these points, your SEO strategy for anchor optimization will get better enough to enhance your SERPs ranking.

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